Year 7 Progress!

Community Support

A number of members of 7PGL helped with the Year 6 open evening and it was tremendous to see them talking to prospective parents and pupils about their learning in the first few weeks within the subjects they supported.

Form Captains

Year 7 PGL have shined through the year so far, Mikolaj has been tutor captain and taken the role on board maturely. The role has been passed over to Jodie Yodthong and Olivia Happer, these two have been fantastic as well taking on responsibility of tutor time during Friday morning with support from myself.

Representatives for Armistice Day was:

Thomas King, Sean Lynch, Holly-Marie Kerridge, Katie Cardwell, Scarlett Giles, Bobby Scott and Michael Higgins. A big thank you to them all for their contribution and professional attitude. I would also like to thank everyone for the respect shown on such an important day.


The pupils leading the way with these are: Olivia Happer, Jodie Yodthong, Kyle Gafney, Roisin Fordham, Michael Higgins, & Thomas King and many more are gaining them, I’m very pleased with everyone’s performance.

I have been impressed with 7PGL and their start to secondary school. They are full of energy, very caring towards each other and the community. The journey has many more chapters to continue making our best better and this journey has just begun

(to be continued)…

Mr Glikofridis - Year 7 Tutor

Year 8 Attendance

The year 8 team have smashed this week with over 2000 commendations which is an amazing achievement some of our stars have now hit the 70 commendation mark and attendance shot up last week which is fantastic. Lots of students are working hard to each the 100 mark by Christmas for a present from Myself and Miss Rawlings. We also had a fantastic day raising money for children in need. More news to follow.

Mr Hodge

Year 8 Achievement Director

Yea r 9 Mighty Nines

Year 9 have been continuing to demonstrate a thirst for learning as they work relentlessly towards their milestone 1. I have been thoroughly impressed by their hard working ethos as I've been out and about on my spotlight walks - well done. Congratulations to Chloe McCormack an Lewis Gorrell on becoming our Year Academy Council Reps - should you have anything you'd like to raise, please run this past Chloe or Lewis who will bring your request to the year team.

This week saw Remembrance Day and I was delighted to see so many of year group in their Scout, Girls Brigade etc uniforms to mark their respect for our service men/ women.

Miss Blagrove

Year 9 Achievement Director

Year 10 Students of the Week

The following students have been awarded 60 Achievement Director Vivos each!

“I’d like to award Bailey Nash purely because he had an awesome attitude last lesson; he brought his full PE kit and he worked really hard, avoiding all distractions.”


“Ronnie Dawson because he completed a stage of the shooting drills in the fastest time.”

Mr Seager - PE

“I am very pleased with the following students from 10Y4 who produced an outstanding piece of extended writing in Science. All achieved A*-C grades. Well done!”

Mrs Dickens - Science

20 Vivos each to: Rosie Allardyce, Harry Atkinson, Kasie Barry, Summer Bartlett, Carla Bond, Sophie-Louise Bowles, Raeanne Brown, Samuel Dench, Ella Hawkes, Jason Hill, Cara Hillyard, Paige Hodgson, Jordan King, Charlotte Larkin, Emily Malone, Jay Simpson and Hannah West.

Mrs Starmer and Mrs Lowis - Year 10 Achievement Directors