Year 7 Commendations

A big well done to the year 7’s for their enthusiasm in both tutor time and lessons over recent weeks. This enthusiasm has led to a high number of commendations being awarded to students in the year group for not only their classwork, but their attitude and teamwork around the academy as well. Keep it up! This has also been shown in both the light party activities and during STEM club after school, with many year 7’s contributing some original and intelligent ideas which promise interesting results.
We are very much looking forward to seeing your egg launchers in action!
Mr Davenport
Year 7 Achievement Director

Year 8 Attendance

The super 8's must feel like they are on top of the world! For the last 3 weeks they have had the highest attendance in the academy which is now sitting at 95.5% for the term. Please do all you can to support us in hitting our 96% target! Even if it is just getting in for the afternoon if you feel under the weather or giving the day a go and seeing how you get on.
The commendations continue to flood in and three students this week achieved 25 within one week! These students are; Owen Elson, Mia-Rose Cowell and William Dawson-Dragisic. They were also issued with our new star of the week badges. I also want to say a massive congratulations to Jack Kosta and Tyler Belcher who have shown a real marked improvement this term well done boys keep it up. We now have 6 students who have hit our 100 club target for a Christmas present, they are
Jack Partridge, William Dawson-Dragisic, Melissa Pallett, Jack Easter, Luke Chambers and Jack Kosta. Well done to all on a fantastic achievement, I think we might have to raise the bar to 150 next term!
The year team are always looking at how we can recognise the students who just do the right thing. This week we will be issuing the Gold, Silver and Bronze standard certificates for student who have excellent attendance and no negatives on file for this term, students will also be entered for a prize draw. We currently have 33 students who meet Gold, 5 who meet Silver and 24 who meet Bronze.
Mr Hodge
Year 8 Achievement Director

Year 9 Mighty Nines

The Mighties show no sign of letting up as they continue working hard towards their forthcoming assessments. I have once again been delighted by the level of enthusiasm and thirst for learning as I perform spotlights across the Academy.

I’m thrilled to have received the following from Mr Badasha; The following students continue to work very well in Computer Science, and have shown very good progress in learning Python coding. Charlie Cobb, Sophie Baker, Harry Collison, Ria Kaylor, Jordan Fincher and Courtney Beaumont-Harvey.

This is a fantastic achievement - well done, keep it up! As part of being a Courageous, Caring Community we are going to be going to be supporting the Salvation Army Present Appeal. How can we support? What can we donate?

  • Donations of new, unwrapped toys for any age 0-16/17, any sex with a value of £5 upwards.
  • Food bank donations for xmas hampers - long use by dates EG: Selection boxes.
Collections will be gathered in the Year Office - Christmas is a time of giving and receiving. This year you could give someone the Christmas they never thought they'd get. Please give this a MIGHTY push.

“Stars of the Week”

Lauren Taylor has shown a huge improvement in her attitude to learning and has now got the most commendations in our form.
Brandon Hunt has been showing great enthusiasm in music, working towards his targets.
Well done from Mr Still.
Miss Blagrove
Year 9 Achievement Director

Year 10 Vivo Points

We are extremely proud of Year 10’s start to Key Stage 4 and the information shown in the table above indicates what a competitive bunch we have! Points are given on a weekly basis, to each tutor group in rank order for the best attendance and the highest number of Vivo points achieved. Please see the total point scores achieved last week in both of these areas. Last week’s winning tutor group was 10AMR and their delicious prize will be delivered to them on Friday during tutor time! Who will be next week’s winning tutor group? Good Luck Year 10!

Mrs Starmer and Mrs Lowis
Year 10 Achievement Directors

Year 11 Mock Exams Information

The mock exams have now started and what a start it was! A massive well done to all those Art and Photography students who experienced their first two day exam! It was an absolute pleasure to see the students so engaged and focused on their work and there really were some stunning pieces of Art being produced. I look forward to seeing the same level of engagement over the next two weeks in all the other exams.

We welcomed ‘Maximise’ to the Academy on Monday. This performance company have visited the Academy before and delivered a performance about revision and the importance of Mock exams. The students reported that they found it very useful and was good to see the exams put in to a ‘real’ context. Mock exam information has been given to all students, along with a timetable of revision for after school classes. If you do not have this, please do not hesitate to contact the Year office and we’ll be
happy to send you a replacement. There are revision classes taking place every night after school ion the different subject areas and the numbers of students attending is rising each day.
Well done, Year 11, for a great attitude to learning.

Miss Wells
Year 11 Achievement Director