Year 7 The CCA Way! 

Well 7UPER 7EVENS, you’ve almost made it to your first CCA Christmas and to say we are proud of your achievements so far would be an understatement. We have record breaking positive comments; some of you have even made it to the heady heights of the 200 CLUB, which is fantastic. It is also so lovely to see you all wear your badges with pride; you have worked so hard for them you really should show them off. As we pop in to your classes and spend lunchtimes with you we see how you are improving and enjoying your lessons and Academy life. It shows to us that you have truly embraced the CCA WAY! 

Keep up the good work 7UPER 7’s 

Miss McCluskey 

Year 7 Deputy Achievement Director 

Year 8 Attendance 

Year 8 have taken their foot off the peddle this week, attendance has dropped significantly to be the worst week this term. This week the behaviour has take a sour turn also, it is a real shame as so many of the year group are being let down by the few. I need all of year 8 to stand up to the poor behaviour of the few and support us in dealing with the disruption to their learning. I do take comfort in the fact that 50 students in our year group have over 95% attendance and have not received 1 negative. I hope next week to be writing about a significant improvement and celebrate some of the amazing work that has been going on in the year group. 

The year group are supporting the salvation army's appeal for Christmas hampers, any support you can give with gifts for the needy in this area is greatly appreciated. 

Mr Hodge 

Year 8 Achievement Director 

Year 10 Celebrating Success 

Every year, in the summer term, we celebrate the success of our students. Each department nominates a student for an award and this is celebrated in our end of year awards ceremonies. To win an award over the rest of the year group is certainly something to be proud of. Unfortunately Holly Cunningham (Year 10) was unable to be present for last summer’s awards ceremony however, because she won the German award, we felt we should still celebrate it in assembly! 

Well done, Holly and keep up the hard work! 

Mrs Starmer and Mrs Lowis 

Year 10 Achievement Directors 

Year 11 Mock Exams Information 

I really must take this opportunity to congratulate Year 11 students this week. The first week of the Mock exams is now over and the behaviour and attitude has been exemplary throughout. Now we have to keep the momentum going for one more week! 

Can I please remind students, parents and carers that post 16 applications should be well on the way to being completed now. It is vital that students book an appointment with the career zone to discuss their options and make sure that they are choosing the best possible course for them. The competition for sixth form places in Tendring is huge and this is why students need to ensure that they complete their applications as soon as possible. 

Miss Wells 

Year 11 Achievement Director