Year 7 7uper 7’s 

Another great week in the life of a 7UPER 7EVEN CCA student. Data conference last week was very successful; it really made you aware of your targets. I’m sure you were fascinated to see exactly how many positive and negative comments you had. You are in charge of your own destiny, so if you did have any negative comments, you can improve on these behaviours. 

Yet again the majority of negatives are for lack of kit or late homework. As I said in last week’s assembly, it is vitally important to have ALL of the correct equipment you require. PE and Dance are fantastic subjects for your emotional and physical health, they are also great fun! BRING IN YOUR KIT! 

Also, homework is not given out for fun. It is an important part of your education; you are responsible young men and women who are more than capable to complete work at home, independently. DO YOUR HOMEWORK ON TIME! 

Anyway, let’s continue to dominate the positive comments league and show the rest of the Academy how 7UPER 7’s LIVE THE CCA WAY. 

Miss McCluskey 

Year 7 Deputy Achievement Director 

Year 9 Mighty nines smash exams! 

Last week was all about exams. Year 9 have sat their first formal examinations as they would for their GCSEs. For some, it was a daunting challenge but one they rose to with maturity and determination. Students have been revising at every opportunity possible with some linking up over Skype to revise together! I have been incredibly proud of their conduct in the examination hall which has not only been noticed by the year team, but the exam team and external invidulators who have been supervising each exam. A fantastic achievement Year 9 - I look forward to the results. Well Done! 


It doesn't stop there for year 9. This week students were introduced to the options process beginning with an Options Conference that was lead by our Information, Advice and Guidance AVP, Ms Leatherby in which she winformed students of the options process and answered questions. We had three assemblies this week in which we welcomed subject leaders in to talk to students about their subjects. 


Congratulations to Jack Beeson and Kelsey Stemp who received their 'Respect' award as part of a project they were involved in with other students from local schools. Well Done! 

All in all, a fabulous 2 weeks - keep it mighty! 

Miss Blagrove, Year 9 Achievement Director 

Year 10 Careers Fair 

Mr Vickers and I would really like to congratulate our Year 10 Catering students who supported the Careers Fair event on Wednesday 14th January. The Year 10 Catering

students were given a huge challenge to prepare and cook the food for our Careers Fair guests. This was their first hands-on foray into professional cookery here at CCA where they were given the lead role rather than supporting the Year 11 cohort which is the usual case. They exceeded all of our expectations in every way and proved that, with the right attitude and drive, a lot can be accomplished in such a short amount of time. We are proud of the entire group however our biggest stars are: 

Ria Martin (head chef material in every way), Lucien Rousselle, Megan Johnson, Liam Matthews (Liam is going to be a stunning chef!), James Page (possibly the brightest young cook I have come across in a while), Eden Arida, Faith Berry, Tyler Jenkins, Harry Thomas (Harry's natural habitat is most certainly the kitch-en!), Connor Bearder, Joshua Foskew and Dominika Jaruzel. 

Please keep up not only the hard work but also the high levels of motivation and professionalism. 

Mrs Starmer and Mrs Lowis Year 10 Achievement Directors 

Year 11 Revision Sessions 

This week has been a busy week in Year 11 and it has been wonderful to see so many students attending their after school revision sessions. These sessions are specifically targeted towards ensuring that students make as much progress as possible before the external examinations and so it is extremely important that students attend all sessions that they have been signposted to. 

Thursday was a hugely successful day for Year 11 students as they were off timetable all day, working in subject areas to complete coursework. This was a fantastic opportunity for them to spend the day in a focused environment and, once again, behaviour and attitude was impeccable throughout. 

Please remind your child that if they are yet to make their choices for next year, they must book an appointment with Miss Quartermaine and Mrs Marks in the Careerzone as soon as possible. 

A gentle reminder that students need to be in school everyday from now until the exams. Every lesson missed is a missed opportunity to make more progress towards a good grade and so please encourage your child to be in school as much as possible. 

Thank you for your continued support. 

Miss Wells, Year 11 Achievement Director