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posted 7 Mar 2014, 06:50 by H Slim   [ updated 7 Mar 2014, 06:50 ]

Year 7 Excellent Progress 

Year 7 continue to make the progress expected which deserves a massive well done. It continues to be encouraging that so many teachers are stopping me in the corridor to say that year 7 are working well and making excellent progress. Well done to all. 

Remember, motivation + attitude + enthusiasm = progress. Keep it up year 7. 

Mr A Davenport 

Year 7 Deputy Achievement Director English Intervention Success! 

Year 8 8PIC 8IGHT! 

This week the year 8 EP group started to write about their inspirations and ambitions for the future. After writing their first draft these were marked. This marking only consisted of highlighting the mistakes; the students had to identify what was wrong with ten initial writing for themselves. Varying from grammar, punctuation to simple miss spelt words. They have since written their re drafted versions and in some cases progressed two whole levels! Super effort equals and improved attainment- great job! 

Spotlight This week, I’ve been popping into lessons to see some of the wonderful things Year Eight are up to in lessons. I was astounded by the engagement in an ICT lesson – it was absolutely fantastic! Students working collaboratively and supporting each other to ensure they continue making good progress. Well done! 

A message from Mrs Lafford I have just taken over 8A2 and they are a real pleasure to teach! They are exceptionally hard working and enthusiastic students and I look forward to getting to know them over the forthcoming weeks. 

Globe Trip reminder… Please ensure your reply slips for the forthcoming trip to the Globe are in as a matter of urgency. 

Attendance We have seen the Year Eight attendance dip over the last week. Remember, we are continually striving for 100% attendance to be in with a chance of coming into school in a onesie for the day! Congratulations to Mr Still’s form who won the attendance league this week and enjoyed their doughnuts this morning! 

Miss Blagrove Year 8 Achievement Director 

Year 9 Generation 3 

Tuesday 25th February saw some Year 9 students from CCA and our confederation school CCHS united as part of a new initiative called “Generation 3.” Students with siblings in key primary schools were invited to work together to develop skills and strategies to support their younger siblings. The project focused particularly on reducing risk, with emphasis on personal health; the aim is to ensure that teenagers are positive role models for others in their family, as well as being a source of support when needed as their siblings grow. CCA students enjoyed the opportunity to work with pupils from another local school and the welcome they offered CCHS pupils was commendable. Generation 3 was led by a visiting speaker, Mr Alan Van Loen, whose sense of humour was well received by all. CCA teacher Mrs O’Connor worked alongside visiting CCHS teacher Mrs Heighway to ensure the day was a success for everyone involved. It is hoped that the skills and knowledge pupils from both schools acquired will be applied when needed to ensure that the future of the next generation is as bright as it could possibly be. 

Mr Hodge Year 9 Achievement Director 

Year 10 Essex Air Ambulance 

It was an absolute pleasure to welcome a visitor to our Year ten assembly last week. Mr Bowgen, a representative from Essex Air Ambulance came in and delivered a very interesting and informative assembly. He told the students about the important work that the Essex Air Ambulance does. It was fascinating to hear about how many lives are saved each year with the help of the helicopters and their staff. Essex Air Ambulance is entirely funded by charitable donations from the public. Year ten have decided, through a vote, that this will be the chosen charity to help to raise funds for this year. I look forward to hearing some of the fundraising ideas in the near future. 

Coursework and exams are in full swing in Year ten too. It is getting much busier for the students and I am pleased to report that they are handling the pressure well at the moment. I must remind students that if they are struggling with any element of their studies, they really must talk to the Year team or their subject teacher. We are currently discussing the option of work experience with year ten students. 

I am sure you will agree that this is an invaluable experience for students as they have an opportunity to experience what it is like to be in the workplace and also to gain a deeper understanding of a career. More details will follow in the near future. 

Please may I take this opportunity to remind everybody that skirts worn by the girls in Year ten should be knee length, excessive jewellery is not allowed, the sleeves on blazers should be rolled down at all times, and outdoor wear should not be worn in the building at all. 

Miss Wells Year 10 Achievement Director 

Miss Froning Year 10 Deputy Achievement Director