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Year Team Spotlight

posted 11 Feb 2015, 07:02 by H Slim   [ updated 11 Feb 2015, 07:03 ]

Year 7 7MGA 

7MGA have worked really hard on their attendance and punctuality and although we aren't completely there yet we have shown steady improvement. 

Leah Robinson is proving to be a very helpful & reliable class monitor, every morning she faithfully completes the tutor logbook and helps with the day to day tasks. 

Safer Internet Day was well received and the vast majority of 7MGA aced the quiz on safe use of the Internet. 

On the whole it has been a very productive week and a positive end to half term. I hope 7MGA and the rest of year 7 have a restful week off. 

Mr Galloway Year 7 Tutor 

Year 8 Congratulations 

Firstly I would like to congratulate Mr Seager and Miss Allington for their recent teaching awards. It is fantastic to have both these tutors in the super 8 team. We celebrated their achievements this week in assembly. Thank you too to all the students who took the time to vote. 

I would also like to share some of the fantastic work that has been going on in PE, Miss Allington’s PE class recently did their trampoloning assessment and the students were exemplary, supporting each other and striving for the best possible grades. Within Mr Seagers group, and I quote “I have never had a group that have quite enjoyed tackling people as much as my year 8 rugby class.” 

I would like to congratulate Miss Garnett’s form for winning the busy bee cake for 98% attendance, the highest in year 8 this week. Keep up the good work! 

Finally I would like to thank Mr Leung and Mr Jacobs for the science and maths day - I look forward to sharing more on this after half term. 

Enjoy your break. 

Mr Hodge 

Year 8 Achievement Director 

Year 9 Options Interviews 

Year 9 have been continuing with their Options Interviews with the Executive Team this week, and the feedback has been very positive. Mrs Pigram was very impressed with Lewis Hudson whose maturity in his interview was excellent - well done Lewis! 

Students from X1 went to Essex Cricket Club this week to present their projects that they have been working on over the last half term. The project focused on developing their English and Maths skills as we push towards the higher levels. I was delighted to hear such positive feedback from the both the staff involved and the providers. A special mention must go to Saffron Heffer who was recognised for her outstanding presentation skills - well done! 

Congratulations must also go to 9AFU who won the Busy Bee Attendance Cake this week for achieving the highest attendance in Year 9 - mighty work! 

As we approach the half term. I'd just like to remind students about keeping safe on line. Information can be found on the BBC website regarding keeping your child safe. 

A fabulous, busy half term year 9 - well done! 

Miss Blagrove 

Year 9 Achievement Director 

Year 10 Work Experience Applications 

Year 10 has had another busy week. As controlled assessments and coursework are well under way in a number of different subjects, we are starting to see an increased number of pupils staying behind after school for catch-up classes. It is important that we remind students that they also have the Study Centre that they can use after school; it is supported by Mr Kerr and Mrs Burke and they are able to help students in sourcing catch-up work directly from teaching staff. There are also a number of computers available as well as a printer and current textbooks that cover all subject areas. It is important that our students use these resources as much as possible as they progress throughout Key Stage 4. In addition, our Year 10s are in the final stages of completing their Work Experience applications. All applications have to be in by the end of this half term. If parents/carers have any concerns, they could call Mrs Marks and Miss Quartermaine in the Careers Zone. We are hopeful that most of our Year 10 students will have found a private placement however it is important to remember that the Careers Zone have a number of placements open to students in the local area and students should see them at break/lunch to get more information. 

We wish you all a wonderful rest over the half term break and would like to thank all students, parents and carers for their continued support. 

Mrs Starmer and Mrs Lowis Year 10 Achievement Directors 

Year 11 After School Interventions 

This week’s highlight in Year 11 has to be the incredible success of Mitchell Thorpe at the European Karate championships in Switzerland. Mitchell has worked extremely hard training for this and we are all very proud of his achievements. 

It is also lovely to be able to say a big well done to Marvin Bolton who achieved the highest number of VIVOs in Year 11 last week. 

A number of students are now beginning to attend more interventions after school and a particular mention goes to Jamie West this week who has been giving up his time after school on Fridays to work on his English coursework. This has led to massive improvements in his work and the Year team and English team are very proud of his efforts. This has been in addition to his other interventions. Parents are reminded that it is vital that students attend these after school interventions. 

The students took part on a Road Safety roadshow on Thursday afternoon. As we all know, Pathfields Road is a very busy road at certain times of the day and this roadshow has hopefully made students in Year 11 more aware of the roads that they travel on and the other road users. 

Miss Wells, Year 11 Achievement Director