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posted 2 Mar 2015, 05:28 by H Slim   [ updated 2 Mar 2015, 05:31 ]

Year 7 Welcome Back 

A big welcome back to 7uper 7evens who are in the lead with positive comments; a total of 23626 positives received by staff! We are confident that for the next 5 weeks, the number of positive comments will increase steadily and the number of negatives will remain where they are. There was a lovely welcome back during assembly on the first day back and all students in Year 7 seem to be more enthusiastic about making progress and following the CCA way. 

A big congratulations to the 16 students who have received over 200 commendations since September and the 6 who are very close! 

Another big welcome to Keelie Lewis who will be joining 7NPE! 

Miss Petersen - Year 7 Tutor 

Year 8 Charlie & the Chocolate Factory 

Everyone going on the trip entered an accelerated reading competition to win a golden ticket. You had to get 100% in a quiz about Charlie and the chocolate factory by Roald Dahl after reading the book. However, there were only 14 golden tickets. At 11:30 we left the academy by minibus to see Charlie and the chocolate factory the musical. We arrived at Drury Lane Theatre Royal at 1:30pm. In the entrance there was a variety of merchandise on sale from Wonka chocolate bars to branded candy grabbers. After a short wait we went into the foyer and had lunch. Then we took our seat at 2pm and waited to embrace a world of pure imagination... The curtains opened, the lights shone and there was...... a dump. Then Charlie emerged from the rubble and then came a chocolate seller. Charlie, poor with an inventive imagination collects littered wrappers that have been dropped carelessly. Then the set transformed into the house with all singing and dancing. With a makeshift TV a massive one comes out from the back with the people on TV inside it, changing as every golden ticket is won. Then we entered the factory of scrumdiddlyumptious wonders! It was just mind blowing, it was a world of pure imagination with Oompa-Loompa filled fun! 

By Joe Holmes - Year 8 student 

Year 9 Options Evening 

Welcome back! I hope you have had a relaxing half term. 

This half term, we will be continuing with options; I look forward to seeing you on Thursday 5th March for the Year 9 Parents/ Options evening. Teachers from the core subjects (English, Maths and Science) will be available for appointments. Teachers from all other curriculums will be giving advice and guidance on their subjects at GCSE level and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. In the event you are unable to attend, please let the Year Office know, and we will be able to arrange an appointment to see you. 

Punctuality to tutorial - you will have hopefully received a letter outlining concerns regarding punctuality to tutorial from some of our students. We use this time to get important information and messages to the students. Please ensure you are in tutorial on time otherwise, you may find yourself in pastoral detention! 

Busy Bee - it's the final 5 weeks to go! Have you had 100% attendance? Could you be coming into school in a onesie? Bee in to win! 

A gentle reminder...facial piercings are not permitted in school. Should your child arrive in school with a facial piercing, they will be removed from circulation with their tutor (work will be sent to them to complete), until the issue has been resolved. 

Miss Blagrove 

Year 9 Achievement Director 

Year 10 VIVO’s 

The biggest question our students ask us when they see this data is: “How do they manage to get so many Vivos?” and there is actually no simple answer. This chart will tell a different story for each student. For Annie-May Kitchener, for example, being a Prefect pays dividends not only in terms of her Vivo awards but also in terms of her profile within the Academy. She is a great role model for all year groups and someone who achieves respect from everyone around her. For Stephen Cope, it is being part of an intervention group that has helped him achieve more Vivos. He is now committed to attending Study Centre catch up sessions at least once a week after school and his greatest achievements of late have been around his attitude to learning. Other students have taken brave steps to getting in to school on time despite problems at home. 

So, Year 10s….if you’re looking for that ‘free’ prom ticket at the end of Year 11 or that ‘free’ £15 Topshop voucher, start showing your teachers how you’ve gone that extra mile in class and ask to be rewarded! 

Mrs Starmer and Mrs Lowis Year 10 Achievement Directors 

Year 11 Mock Exams 

Exams are fast approaching now and the students are really 'getting in to the swing' of revision and exam preparation. This week saw the start of the next round of mock exams and exam paper 'walkthroughs' for the students. This really was an amazing opportunity for students to be walked an talked through a geography paper, giving them tips and advice on how to get the best results from a paper. We'd like to say a big well done to Georgia Clemenson for being at the top of the Leavers' Miles league this week. Students are awarded these miles for attending after school and holiday revision classes. They need to reach 150 miles in order to be invited to the end of year trip at no cost to themselves. The BTEC science exam takes place on Wednesday 4th March with a full day of revision being provided on Tuesday 3rd March. 

Please continue to follow us on Twitter at cca_11 where we will post important dates over the coming weeks. 

Miss Wells, Year 11 Achievement Director