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Year Team Spotlight

posted 6 Mar 2015, 07:15 by H Slim   [ updated 6 Mar 2015, 07:15 ]

Year 7 Welcome Back 

For the last couple of weeks members of the Grand Union Orchestra have been coming into CCA to deliver a series of work-shops which will lead to a big concert on March 13th. The or-chestra is based in London and is made up of professional players from all over the world who mix their different musical styles; Latin American, African and Indian music are blended together with a sprinkling of jazz. 

Thirty students who have instrument lessons at CCA were chosen to take part and some year seven students are part of this group. Arthur Levett, Daniel Nidam, Carys Peterson and Emily Simper learn guitar with Mr Tyler from Essex Music Services every Thursday and they are busy learning their chords for the performance. We have been practicing two Latin American songs 'Jovano' and 'Calder' which are very tuneful but have difficult off beat rhythms and the well-known reggae song 'Three Little Birds'. Emily and Daniel are practicing a solo vocal for this song (along with two older students). 

The concert will feature over one hundred players from four local schools and will be held at St James Church in Clacton. 

Mr Lawrence - Year 7 Tutor 

Year 8 The life of a year 8! 

So just how much can we fit in to this short term? Year 8 have had a truly amazing week. I am very proud of my stars of the week. Daisy Joy received the most commendations for the whole academy, Becky McDougall’s attainment is the most improved this year and Riley Foreman has already collected evidence for his CCA passport. Well done all, very deserved. That's not all that has happened, last week we had a fantastic trip to Charlie and the chocolate factory, took part in Football matches and we saw our attendance just under the 95% target. Yet we have more to come... We will be creating our year 8 pledge wall focusing on the CCA way, Year 8 reports will be coming out this week, the BIG Bang fair, the Globe trip, Bee in a onesie day and lots more. Keep up the good work year 8. 

Mr Hodge 

Year 8 Achievement Director 

Year 9 Options Evening 

It's been a busy week as year 9 gear towards Option Evening. It's an important time of year, thinking about futures and possible educational/ career paths. If you were unable to attend the evening, please contact the year office where an appointment will be made for you to discuss any concerns you may have. 

You may be aware that we have made a few changes with our attendance process; if you are off for any reason, you will be asked to send a note in with your child upon their return. Please remember, if your child is off due to medical reasons for more than 3 days, we will require a doctors note to authorise the absence.100% attendance is so important especially as we progress to GCSES where time in lessons is key for completing coursework, examination preparation etc. Should you have any concerns, please call the attendance team. 

Well done to our year 9 boys football team who put up great sportsmanship against TTC on Monday - it was great to see fellow year 9 supporters too, well done all! 

I've seen some fantastic behaviour for learning whilst out on my spotlights, keep it mighty! 

Miss Blagrove Year 9 Achievement Director 

Year 10 Cambridge University Trip 

On Thursday 27th February 2015, 10 Year 10 students had the privilege of experiencing student life at Cambridge University, accompanied by Mrs Starmer and Mr

McGowan-Harvey. Throughout the day students were able to look around the accommodation and facilities on campus such as the library, social areas and study areas/lecture theatres. When the students first arrived, they took part in a university quiz (which they came 2nd in!) and were given a presentation from both undergraduates and postgraduates on the courses they take/took and their hopes for the future. The different types of financial support available to students were also outlined. After lunch, students took part in a debate over whether or not you should only be able to go to university if you are going to use the subject you study in your future career. Annie Hardwicke and Hamish Lucas were certainly forces to be reckoned with! Before travelling home, students were also given the opportunity to attend two lectures on human dissection from 1540 by Jenna Dittmar and how sheeps livers (!) were used to predict the future within the Assyrian Empire by Alex Loktionov, two postgraduate students. A thoroughly inspiring day was experienced by all. In next week’s article, we will read about the students’ thoughts of the day and what they really gained most from it…… 

Mrs Starmer and Mrs Lowis Year 10 Achievement Directors 

Year 11 Coursework 

I think that it is fair to say that Year 11 students and staff were all disappointed that the first football match of the season was cancelled due to bad weather last week. I know that I was very much looking forward to seeing our boys beat TTC at home! Of course, we’ll let everybody know as soon as the match is re-scheduled. 

As we draw closer and closer to the main exam season, Year 11 students are really stepping up to the plate. Numbers at after school revision sessions are growing each day and the determination from students to do their very best is formidable to see and be a part of. 

Unfortunately, we do still have an issue with a small number of students not arriving to the Academy on time each morning. There is an expectation that students are in the building by 8.35am. As you know, it is so important that the students develop good habits now so that they are fully prepared for the main exam season. They do risk being disqualified from exams if they arrive after an exam has started. 

Most subjects are now coming to the end of coursework. Please remind your child that if they haven’t finished any pieces of coursework, they must speak to their teacher as a matter of great urgency. The lessons in the run up to the exams will focus heavily on exam skills and it is vital that students attend all lessons. 

The Year office is always open for any students who might be struggling in lessons or finding it difficult to cope with the pressure of this busy exam season. Please encourage your child to come and see us to discuss any issues. Equally, we are available for any parents or carers who might wish to discuss exams or revision. 

Miss Wells, Year 11 Achievement Director