Year 7 Progress & Achievement 

I just wanted to say how impressed I’ve been with the start you have all have made since the Easter break. Well done. 

As I said in assembly on Monday, progress and achievement is not about where you have come from its all about what you do whilst on the journey which will result in where you end up. Keep on keeping on. Excellence becomes force of habit. 

I finish with a little quote which is very apt and worth reflecting on “In motivating, you've got to engage minds. In motivating people, the best way is to motivate by example - by achievement and enthusiasm, by doing this creates happiness. We either make ourselves unhappy, happy and strong. The amount of work is the same but the quality is very different.” 

Mr Davenport Year 7 Achievement Director 

Year 8 CCA way passport 

This week the year 8 students have really embraced planning for the future. Throughout the week they have been taking part in our data conference looking at the levels they have reached so far this year and setting targets for what they wish to achieve over this next term. As well as this we have been creating our pledge wall where students have been setting goals for how they can meet the CCA way! With that in mind I want to promote the CCA way passport, help students reach the first stage of the journey by achieving a pass this year. We have 3 strands: Courageous citizens in a caring community that are aspiring and accountable. We are looking for two bits of evidence for each strand, this could be something like you play for an outside sports team or club such as scouts/guides, have supported a charity, maybe helped at the community centre or volunteered at an animal sanctuary. For evidence we would love to see photos of you in your kit doing your thing or your leaders could write a letter about what you have done. Keep up the amazing work year 8, well done. We have already started to get planning for activities week where we will be holding a charity fair for the students. 

Mr Hodge Year 8 Achievement Director 

Year 9 Mighty Nines! 

Year 9 have made a positive start back to the final term. During my spotlights, I have seen superb enthusiasm and behaviour for learning as students stretch themselves to ensure they meet their Amber/ Green targets. 

Mr Vickers wanted to make a special mention for Bradley Davies and Chloe-Anne McCormack for their superb support at the PE evening this week, they represented the Academy and the year group in a professional and conscientious manner - well done! He also wanted to pass on a huge compliment regarding Kelsey Stemp whose attitude towards cookery was superb, asking great questions and demonstrating perseverance - keep it up! 

Mrs Beacham emailed me to mention Brandon Hill, Bradley Davies and Campbell Ramampianina as stars for their work in Drama; "Over the past 3 lessons they have been extremely motivated, focused and hard working, really thinking about their targets and how to achieve them. Bradley has put in an extra effort at home by looking for and bringing in music to enhance their performance piece. I am extremely impressed - last lesson they achieved a level 6a for their making assessment. They have made a mature decision to work away from other members of the group who they know they don't work well with". An excellent example of doing it the CCA way - well done boys. 

On a final note - final payments for Harry Potter are due. please ensure you have paid the outstanding balance by Friday 22nd May. 

Miss Blagrove 

Year 9 Achievement Director 

Year 10 10MLY are true entrepreneurs 

The week before Easter, Mr Lay and his tutor group were given £10; their goal was to raise as much money for our Year 10 chosen charity ‘Macmillan Support.’ In total they raised over £30 profit in just 2 break times. This is how: 

•They sourced chocolates and gift packaging from Ebay. 

•They converted room 201 into a production line, sorting and packaging the treats. 

•Kia Baker-Williams and Micha Green organised the form and were very strict with quality control. 

•Rosa Lynch did a beautiful job of icing our Easter biscuits. 

•The form have since noticed a gap in the market for a tuck shop at school. 

Mrs Starmer and Mrs Lowis Year 10 Achievement Directors 

Year 11 Mock Interviews 

I must take this opportunity to say a massive well done to Year 11 students who completed Mock interviews with local business people this week. The students were dressed in business wear and conducted themselves amazingly well. The local businesses commented on their 'professional approach' to the interviews and how well prepared they were for the interviews. The students showed great confidence and maturity even though they were clearly very nervous about the experience! 

Many students also took part in a revision skills workshop with Tim Foote, a visitor to the Academy. He too commented on how great our students are and how well they responded to his advice and guidance. 

The iGCSE English exam takes place on Tuesday 5th May in the afternoon. The students are expected to be at the exam venue by 12.45pm so that the exam starts promptly. This will be the culmination of months of hard work from the students and I look forward to seeing some fantastic results in the summer. The students will have an opportunity to attend revision workshops on Tuesday morning so attendance at 8.35am is absolutely pivotal. 

Miss Wells Year 11 Achievement Director