Year 7 Performance Data 

During the past week all year 7’s in the Academy had an opportunity to review their key performance data for term 2. They looked at the current levels in comparison to their mile-stone targets, their attendance figures, their behaviour scores and discussed their personal qualities. From looking at the data so far it is nothing but positive! Well done to all. 

Also, I just wanted to send a message to thank everyone who was involved with Year 7 parents evening last week. Every parent I saw was nothing short of thankful and very grateful for everything CCA does in supporting their children. It would be remiss of me not to thank the staff involved with the evening. It would not have run as smoothly without the support of Mrs West, Miss McCluskey and Mrs Hopkins. The evening went like clockwork. I suspect they all have shares in Rolex! 

As year head it is incredibly rewarding to see that our year 7 students really take pride in their achievements and engage with the data in a mature way; really looking at what needs to be done today in order to secure the future they have chosen for themselves. 

Well done year 7, make sure your final few months of this term as positive as the data suggests! Remember, excellence becomes force of habit. 

Mr Davenport Year 7 Achievement Director 

Year 8 Dream 100 Student of the Year 

We have had some wonderful news in year 8 this week. Joseph Holmes has won Dream 100's Student of the year award. I nominated Joe for his constant hard work and dedication to his Academic studies. He constantly goes above and beyond what is expected of him. Joe's teachers often tell me how he is a pleasure to teach and he has managed to achieve 161 positives so far this year. We couldn't be any prouder of Joe! Congratulations! Joe gets to celebrate his success at a Gala evening with Stacey Soloman and Stevi Richie. #The CCA Way. 

Miss Rawlings Year 8 Deputy Achievement Director 

Year 9 Mighty Nines! 

Year 9 are geared up and ready to vote in the CCA election campaign! Over the last few weeks, representatives from sixth form and KS4 have been campaigning for their parties, coming into assemblies to inform students what they stand for - it is important that students have an understanding of the political campaign that has dominated the media over the last month. On Thursday, students had the to opportunity to vote - who will win? 

Students continue to work hard - as I pop in and out of lessons during my spot light, I am always proud to see such dedication put into their studies. 

Can I remind you that if your child is off from school, a note from home is required. Remember, with the start of GCSEs just around the corner, 100% attendance is ever important. 

Congratulations to those who went off to compete in the Athletics competition this week - it's great to see Year 9 representing the Academy - well done! 

The outstanding balance for Harry Potter is due, this can be paid directly to Mrs Funnell in Student Reception. 

Miss Blagrove 

Year 9 Achievement Director 

Year 10 Attendance 

As we think it’s really important to reward those pupils who attend school regularly, we have just started a new attendance reward initiative. Every day that a pupil is in school, their name is placed in their tutor group’s ‘attendance pot.’ At the end of the week, each Year 10 tutor pulls a pupil’s name out of the pot and the following prize is awarded: 

Week 1: 50 Vivos. 

Week 2: Hot chocolate / cake from the canteen. 

Week 3: A pass to jump the dinner queue either at break or lunch for one week. 

Week 4: 100 Vivos. 

Week 5: Two cinema tickets. 

Obviously the more times a name gets put in the pot, the greater chance that pupil has of winning one of the prizes above. 

Good luck Year 10! 

Mrs Starmer and Mrs Lowis Year 10 Achievement Directors 

Year 11 Tickets now on sale