Year 7 Thank you 

It’s a short one this week but I thought short and sweet would be a good thing! As the end of Year 7 is fast approaching, I asked a selection of the year group to reflect on what had been of their highlights at their first year at CCA. Here are some of their responses: 

“Teachers have helped me with my learning and I have improved because of them” “I really enjoy my lessons. My teachers are really pushing me and wanting me to do well” “I have made new friends” “I enjoy being a form captain” 

I am pleased to hear of these positive reports and have shared these comments with year 7 teachers. The comments are a reflection of their positive attitudes they have demonstrated so far during the year. 

Well done to all of Year 7 for your hard work so far! Mr Davenport - Year 7 Achievement Director 

Year 8 End of year trip 

Here we are in the last term! There is lots going on already. I want to thank Riley Taylor who is our star of the week. Since joining the academy he has gone out of the way to support other students where possible. We can’t praise him enough for his work ethic too. We bring back the Oscars this term where students can nominate each other in the following categories; male and female sport, behaviour award, courage to care and the Year award. We have made it a big thing this year with some amazing awards and it will be a show to remember for the students. Just want to remind you about the Pleasurewood Hills trip; please make sure you return your slips and book a place, students not going on the trip will take part in a pier to pier walk and we shall get the letter out shortly confirming details. Mr Hodge Year 8 Achievement Director 

Year 9 A mighty return! 

Changes to the Timetables: Year 9 have had a very busy week back! This week, our new timetables came into effect where we begin to line students up with their GCSE option subjects. I have been delighted with how quickly the students have settled in to their new classes and the hard working ethos that has quickly been embedded. Well done! 

English and Maths Project launch: This half term, we have launched a new English and Maths project to develop students skills further working in small groups with our Raising Attainment Coaches. Again, students have been quick to settle and are already demonstrating a real thirst for learning. Keep it mighty! Keep an eye on our Year 9 Twitter page for regular updates! 

The CCA Way: It's all about being 'Aspirational' - what are you doing to aim high? Can this be used as evidence for your CCA Passport? 

End of Term Trip: Any outstanding payments for Harry Potter are due now! Please make your payments to Mrs Funnel in Student Reception. Please note: any student who has not taken up a place on the trip will be completing the Pier to Pier walk. If students do not arrive, this will be an unauthorised absence. 

A gentle reminder on uniform: As we enjoy the warmer weather, please could I remind you about skirt lengths - if skirts are deemed too short, you may be asked to remain with your tutor until this is suitably rectified. Can I also remind you 

that facial piercings are not permitted in school. 

A finally… Come and support Mr Vickers and his catering team in the CCA Food Fair next Thursday (18th)! There will be delicious treats in true CCA style! 

Miss Blagrove - Year 9 Achievement Director 

Year 10 Pier to Pier walk 

After what has been a very chilly May, we are all hoping that June’s weather will be much sunnier! With this in mind, we would just like to remind our students about wearing skirts that are an appropriate length for school. The uniform protocol states that skirts should be knee length. Students in each Year group will be isolated with their tutors if they fail to adhere to the uniform protocols. 

Following a poor expression of interest in the end of year trip to Thorpe Park on Monday 20th July, we have decided to do a Pier to Pier walk to raise money for our chosen charity Macmillan Cancer Support instead. Further details will follow over the weeks ahead but meanwhile all students should start looking for something green to wear during the walk to raise awareness of Macmillan Cancer Support. This can be anything from an item of clothing to a green bag! Mrs Starmer and Mrs Lowis Year 10 Achievement Directors