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posted 18 Mar 2014, 07:31 by H Slim   [ updated 18 Mar 2014, 07:32 ]

Year 7 

This week the year team will be starting the process for the Speak out competition group and listening to the speeches so you had better be practicing! I have been hearing great things from your tutors so well done to the winners of the tutor heats. Another well done has to go to the year 7 students who have been involved with the reading scheme in the mornings at tutor time in the LRC. You have been making great progress so again, well done to all involved. 

As you know I try to get into as many lessons as possible to see some of the brilliant things you are up to in lessons. I have to say I walked into a catering lesson with Mrs Carter and the Spaghetti Carbonara was excellent! What’s the recipe? I'm not the best cook in the world, my wife will tell you that, but I'm happy to give it a go. Well don’t year 7. Keep up the excellence! 

Mr A Davenport 

Year 7 Deputy Achievement Director 

Year 8 8PIC 8IGHT! 

Epic Eight Eggstravaganza - Many pupils and staff visited the west hall on the 13th of March, to watch the spectacular talent shown by 8pic eight. So much talent was shown off by 8pic eight like singing, dancing, and award winning films. Not to mention the two mind-blowing hosts. This show wouldn’t have been possible without the help of certain individuals. Mr. Vickers form group did an amazing job of keeping all of the guests happy with their amazing cakes. We got so much positive feedback like. “Epic performances, epic show, epic 8”. A big well done to everyone who took part in the ‘EGGSTRAVAGANZA’ and a huge thank you to everyone who helped prepare the event. 

Daniel Beck 

Busy Bee Campaign – We’re into the final weeks of ‘Bee in to bee in a Onesie’. Remember for every student who has had 100% attendance this term will have the chance to come to school in their onesie! There is also a giant Easter Egg up for grabs – BEE IN TO WIN! 

Sporting Events 

The girl’s cricket team went off to play against Hallmead and Sheffield last week in their first match of this season – after a close match, the girls just missed out on the top spot. The girls were soon back out competing in a basketball match against St Benedicts! The boys had a grilling football match this week against CCHS and unfortunately missed out on a win. It’s fantastic to see our students taking every opportunity to get involved in sporting events. These clubs are open for everybody – get involved! 

Achievement Director Drop in – Every Monday during tutorial, students will have the opportunity to drop by my office to discuss their attainment and progress. It’s been great to see students already taking the opportunity to pop by, taking ownership of their learning. 

Children’s University – Don’t forget to keep logging those hours. Should you need any further information, please see Mrs Funnel in student reception. 

Speak Out Challenge – Students have been working on their speeches during tutorial as part of a whole Academy competition. By Friday, each form group will have presented and nominated a winning speech who will then go on to the next round in front of the Year Team! I think there is going to be some 8PIC presentations. 

Miss Blagrove Year 8 Achievement Director 

Year 9 COYO update 

Year 9 have been up to lots again this week with a visit from the RICS to support the COYO project and the presentation the students are doing at their head quarters. We were joined by Matt McDermott and James Kavanagh. We were also joined once again by a professional Architect Rebecca De Cicco who has been supporting the team to create a virtual model of the community centre the student have designed for the area. I would also like to thank Mr Glikofridis for all the work he has put in with the students in supporting to create a website, video, and presentation. The students are now nearing completing and are ready for the 20th! 

Mr Hodge Year 9 Achievement Director 

Year 10 Welcome Back 

Well it was a very busy week in Year 10 last week, with students completing mock exams in English Literature and coursework deadlines approaching in many subject areas. A group of Year ten students spent Monday on a trip to Cambridge University where they were given the opportunity to tour the university and learn a little about life as a Uni student. This is an invaluable experience for our students and I hope that it inspires our students to believe in themselves and in their ability to achieve their goals – whatever they may be. 

We waved goodbye to a group of Geography students in Year ten this week who are on a field trip to Snowdonia – we look forward to hearing all about this next week. I am sure that they will have a lovely time and I do hope that the weather holds for them! 

Each tutor group in Year ten are currently having the opportunity to visit the career zone at the Academy. The specialist staff working in the ‘zone’ have been able to answer the students’ questions and give them advice about their future plans and goals. Once again, the students are really showing a mature attitude when thinking about their futures. 

Please remember that students need to have 100% attendance between now and Easter in order to be eligible to wear their onesies to school for the day. 

If your child is absent from school, please remember to phone the absence line to let us know of the absence. 

Miss Wells Year 10 Achievement Director  Miss Froning Year 10 Deputy Achievement Director  

Year 11 Exam timetables 

For many pupils, the exam timetables can be confusing and look daunting. It’s essential that all pupils are as organised as possible during the exam season. Mrs Barry has created ‘a guide to your exam timetable’ as for many, this is the first time they will have seen one in this format. Should any parents have any concerns over their child’s exam timetable, please do not hesitate to contact the Year Office or the Exams Office. 

Mrs Starmer Year 11 Achievement Director