Year 7 Key Performance Data 

During the past week all staff who teach year 7’s in the Academy had an opportunity to review their key performance data for half term 5. 

They looked at the current levels in comparison to their milestone targets, their attendance figures, their behaviour scores and discussed their personal qualities. From looking at the data so far it is nothing but positive! Well done to all. 

As year head it is incredibly rewarding to see that our year 7 students really take pride in their achievements and engage with the data in a mature way; really looking at what needs to be done today in order to secure the future they have chosen for themselves. 

Well done year 7, make sure your final few months of this term are as positive as the data suggests! Remember, excellence becomes force of habit. Mr Davenport - Year 7 Achievement Director 

Year 8 Peer Mentors 

On Friday the 12th of June the year 8 Team took the year 8 peer mentors to Pizza Hut as a thank you treat for all their hard work over the year. It was a very pleasant afternoon and I personally enjoyed the unlimited Ice Cream! 

Thursday the 18th of June was the Food Fair and I have to say I was so impressed with the high standard of cakes that year 8 made for the Bake off. Well done everyone. 

Mrs Hilton Year 8 PSM 

Year 9 Mighty netball 

I was delighted to hear how well the year nines got on at their rounders match last week - taking a mighty win! I also popped down to watch the Coastal Storms Netball team play in a tournament on Sunday, in which many of our mighties play in outside of school. Despite only playing together as a team for a short period of time, they came together to experience a full on day! Well done girls! 

The English and Maths Projects are well under way now with students continuing to further their skills whilst working collaboratively. I have been impressed by the high levels of enthusiasm and engagement - keep it mighty! 

Whilst I hope we have now resolved all Options issues, please ensure I am made aware of any concerns so I can book students in for a meeting with Mr Jones. 

Our Attendance has taken a bit of a hit over the last week. Please ensure you make every effort to make it in on time. If you do have to take the whole day off, please ensure a note is brought in from home. 

The CCA WAY Passport - how are you being aspirational? 

Miss Blagrove - Year 9 Achievement Director 

Year 10 Internet Safety 

Internet Safety is a topic on many of our staffs’ and students’ lips. We are constantly reminded how much information our students have access to nowadays but also how easy it is for them to put compromising information about themselves on certain social networking sites. Unknowingly they can become vulnerable very quickly and our aim is to inform them of ways to access social networking sites safely. Two of our forward-thinking students, Holly O’Connor and Sherrie Oliver, came up with a presentation to help their peers use sites like Facebook safely but yet still have fun at the same time! The Year 10 team would like to thank Holly and Sherrie for all their hard work in doing this; this presentation, with key hints and tips on internet safety, is now being rolled out across the year group via our Student Voice Representatives and we will no doubt see the positive impact it has in the future. You can see part of this on the next page. Mrs Starmer and Mrs Lowis 

Year 10 Achievement Directors