Year 7 Positivity! 

The end of term is fast approaching! I am speaking for the year staff when I say we have been delighted to see students continuing to maintain a real thirst for learning and positivity throughout the Academy. 

Next week is Danbury week so pupils remaining will have lessons as normal. A new timetable for next week is being created so that learning continues in the same positive way. The new timetable will be issued towards the end of the week. 

Mr Davenport Year 7 Achievement Director 

Year 8 Amazing Achievements 

What an amazing week... This week Year 8 have been super heroes! Lets celebrate our first amazing achievements within the year group. 

Some of our year 8's walked away with prizes in the lunch time clubs community centre competitions. Here you can see the 

Winners Ryan Moore, Thomas Marsh and Melanie Hainesborough. Well done all, a fantastic effort. 

Next we move on to Levi Dean who was the winner of the healthy eating competition and walked away with a £25 gift voucher for iTunes! Then the super 8's smashed the Speak Out competition, I was so impressed hearing about our stars performances. Next week we have the year 8 Oscars! Once again we will be celebrating the hard work that the students put in, the awards are nominated by the students for the students, more on this in next weeks issue... 

Lots of students are booked onto the Pleasurewood Hills trip, could we please ask that all out standing payments are made by Tuesday, we are running two coaches. All students who are not attending Paris or Pleasurewood Hills will be taking part in the Pier to Pier walk so please can consent form be handed back asap. 

Mr Hodge - Year 8 Achievement Director 

Year 9 Mighty performance! 

Last week, I saw CCA's production of Stage to Screen - I have to say, it was absolutely fantastic! I must extend my congratulations to our Year 9 students who took part - the Romeo and Juliet performance was simply, outstanding. Well done! 

The English and Maths project continues to go from strength to strength! 

Students have been exploring a wide range of skills from creative writing to Stop animation with the latest technology. Students have been analysing their work applying critical thinking skills to identify their successes and areas to improve on. Students have been fantastic - their enthusiasm and drive to improve has been a real credit to them! Well done, keep up the great work! Miss Rayment, English Raising Attainment Coach. 

Please could I remind you that should you have any outstanding money for the Harry Potter trip, it is due now. The final cut off for this is Wednesday 8th July. 

With the hotter weather forecast, please ensure students are coming in with plenty of water - there are water stations to fill their bottle up with. 

Miss Blagrove Year 9 Achievement Director 

Year 10 Students of the Week 

“I thought you’d like to know that my sociology group has really come on recently. They are engaged and are working very hard. I would particularly like to mention a few students: 

Charlotte Willis - She has recently steered her enthusiasm into the subject and she is often the student that begins class discus-sions. 

Elizabeth Self - She’s very engaged and completes some very good quality written work. 

Daisy O’Brien - Daisy contributes very well to class discussions. Often Daisy puts the other point of view across. 

Annie Hardwicke - She’s never frightened to play devil’s advo-cate. She always has something worthwhile to say which adds to the learning of the whole class. 

Daisy Butler - What a star! She works very hard; she is en-gaged, interesting, funny and is achieving very well.” 

Mrs Tate - Sociology Teacher and AVP. 

Mrs Starmer and Mrs Lowis 

Year 10 Achievement Directors