Year 7 Farewell 

I thought it was right that the last Year 7 article for the academic year should be written by me. I am delighted to report that this academic year for Year 7 has been nothing short of excellent. The statistics speak for themselves: 

  • The most commendations of any year group. 
  • The most English, Maths and Science badges issued by any year group. 
  • The highest percentage of children achieving purple and green targets in any year group. 
  • The highest average percentage of attendance for any year group. 

As you can see, I can live with that! Positives all over the place! 

This academic year has passed all too quickly, it is a privilege to be the Year 7 achievement director but sadly, as time and tide wait for no man or women, it’s time to hand over the year group to the year 8 team. Running a year group is a cathartic process. At times in the year it can be a challenge and the rest of time it is a privilege. However, I always keep in mind it is voluntary. 

All faculties and departments within the school have been extremely busy throughout the year working with year 7 and have been impressed with the amount of achievement made and the amount of work completed. That is testament to the efforts of them and of you as parents to encourage and motivate. The commitment of the teaching staff working with year 7, individually and collectively, to providing high standards in the classroom and beyond, is illustrated by the many and varied achievements of our students. 

You will be pleased to read that I am coming to the end of my article. At this point it would be very remiss of me not to thank the tutors in year 7 who work with the students daily to instil the right attitudes of learning, achievement, organisation and structure. I thank them very much for the support they have given me and I wish them well as they move into Year 8. Miss Lowis and her team are very blessed! 

Finally I cannot thank highly enough the total support and at times astute guidance of Mrs West and Miss McCluskey. I couldn’t do the role of achievement director without them and I thank them for everything this year. This year group have been very lucky! 

As the academic year now draws to a close, I wish you and your families plenty of relaxation and rest over the coming summer holidays. 

Mr Davenport Year 7 Achievement Director 

Year 8 Key Information 

Well done year 8, on what has been an amazing first year with you. Its really been a pleasure to have worked with you this year. Some fantastic memories already of an unforgettable year group. Some of the highlights are; Pleasurewood Hills, it was fantastic seeing students in a different light, also our Oscars assembly which was such a brilliant event. The year team really want to say a big thank you for an amazing year and look forward to seeing you in September on Tuesday the 8th. We will then welcome become our "Nobel 9S". Keep safe and look after each other. 

Mr Hodge Year 8 Achievement Director 

Year 9 Celebrating a MIGHTY year 

I can’t quite believe we have come to the end of another Academic Year! Once again students have left me feeling proud as I reflect on some of the fantastic things we’ve achieved over the last year which I will take the opportunity to share with you… 

Danbury Leaders: This year, year 9 had the opportunity to interview to become Danbury Leaders, supporting the younger years whilst staying at Danbury. Both CCA and Danbury staff were blown away by their mature, professional conduct allowing for a very successful trip! 

Harry Potter: Last Friday, we had our end of Year trip to the Harry Potter Studios. I had a very excited year group as they finally got to live out their childhood fantasies! It was incredible to see the Grand Hall and Hogworts Express in the flesh! We even got to put our wizardry skills into practise! 

Careers Fair: Back in February, we invited employers from within the community to come and hold a stall in our careers fair. This gave students the opportunity to ask questions and identify what qualifications they needed to pursue certain career paths. Once again, students’ enthusiasm and professionalism was admired by all. 

Options: The options process gave students the opportunity to explore other subjects not offered at KS3, such as business, child’s play etc. Students were given an overview of what each subject entailed to allow them to make informed decisions. Our executive team held individual meetings to guide and support students also. This was very successful and I look forward to seeing in the GCSEs in September. 

Examinations: In January, we introduced formal examinations, affording students to experience the examination process. Once again, the maturity of the year group enabled them to have a very positive experience. They were congratulated by the examination officers who were very impressed by them throughout the whole process! 

Spotlights: I frequently mention the wonderful things I see whilst I walk around the Academy popping in and out of lessons. Their thirst for learning is second to none and it makes me so proud! Cricket Project: A small group of students participated in the Cricket Project in partnership with Essex Cricket Club. Students had the opportunity to present their hard work at the ground, once again putting Year 9 firmly in the spotlight! English and Maths Project: This last half term, many students have been involved in either an English or Maths Project to raise attainment in readiness for GCSEs. I have seen Maths- monopoly, stop animation used in English – all of which have captured students imagination and allowed them to progress in a creative, fun and engaging manner. Children in Need: Back in November, we spent our lunch time making Pudsey style bandannas in aid of Children in Need. CCA Food Fayre: This year saw our fist CCA Food Fayre and I was delighted to see so many of our wonderful Year 9’s involved in the hospitality and preparation phases. You all did Mr Vickers and the Academy proud! There is so much more I could mention; Speak Out, Peer Mentors, Paris, 100% positive Club, Essex Boys and Girls Club, Sporting Successes. I think you will agree, year 9 have had an incredible year and I look forward to what Year 10 brings! Finally, we say goodbye to Ms Froening, our Deputy Achievement Director. I would like to thank her for all her hard work into ensuring our year group is as successful as it is and to wish her all the best for her new adventures. Thank you also, to Mrs Newland, our tutors, the students and of course our parents/ carers for your continued support. Have a wonderful summer – here’s to TOP TENS! 

Miss Blagrove - Year 9 Achievement Director 

Year 10 Review of the Year 

Before writing this final piece, I read through all the weekly news bulletin articles and assembly power point slides to remind myself of all of the won-derful things Year 10 have achieved this year. Hundreds of thousands of Vivo miles have been awarded across the year to our Stars of the week for both achievement and attendance and we know our students have enjoyed swapping these points for prizes like phone top-ups, High Street shopping vouchers etc. It’s been lovely to see students reap the rewards in a form that they really welcome. It’s interesting that one of their key words for our Wordles at the start of the year was ‘Maturity’ and how they all welcomed being treated a little more like adults. Year 10’s chosen charities this year were the Clacton Foodbank and McMillan Cancer Support. There have been a number of fundraising events organised by our students to support these charities. At Christmas all students were asked to bring in an item of food to support Clacton Foodbank and it was astounding to see just how much they brought in. It was a proud moment when a representative came in to speak to and thank our year group for their support. In addition to the Food bank appeal, Year 10 have raised over £360.00 for McMillan cancer support through football matches, Easter Egg sales and our tutor bottles. Thank you year 10 for being a very empathic and supportive year group. The Year 10 weekly League has also shown just how team spirited our year group is. Huge congratulations go to Miss Sherlock’s and Mr Lay’s tutor groups who came 3rd and 2nd place respectively and of course our summer term winners, Miss Jacob’s tutor group, who achieved first place. Attendance and achievement go hand in hand and it’s great to see our students aiming for first place. So, ending on such a positive note, we would like to wish all of our year 10 students a wonderful and well deserved summer holidays and we look for-ward to you arriving fresh faced in September ready to face a new set of challenges in Year 11. Mrs Starmer and Mrs Lowis - Year 10 Achievement Directors 

Sixth Form Futures Week Onward & Upward 

It was going to be tough to improve on the high quality of presentations from our previous Futures Weeks, but we think we have done it! Monday and Tuesday saw contributions from Barclays Life Skills, Anglia Ruskin University and Colchester Institute. Onyi Anyado led the Barclay’s presentations and proved to be a charismatic speaker. Their 1-to-1 and small group work boosted our students confidence and skills. ARU provided valuable tips for UCAS applications for university, and many of these are already underway. 

As the week developed the emphasis shifted from improving careers and further study to survival! Essex Highways and the Police Service explained how to avoid being a statistic. Kwik Fit took this further with advice on keeping a car in a safe condition. We also had advisors on health, volunteering and fire safety. 

Thursday is the day for our university taster day at University Campus Suffolk, with a tour of uni accommodation and taster lectures on a range of courses. Friday sees Mr Miller’s legendary Enterprise Day Event – think ‘The Apprentice’ with-out any of the nastiness! There has been time for a bit of fun too, with Mr Hanson’s ‘Old Skool Sports Day’, plus the Friday BBQ and quiz.