Year 7 A wonderful start 

I thought I should start by saying welcome year 7 students to a new year and a new school at CCA. You and your parents have chosen the best secondary in Clacton! 

We have been hearing great things from the feeder primaries about you all. Year 7 is already earmarked for great things. You have worked well in primary so its about building in that resilience and pushing on into Year 7 with the same drive. We expect that and more! 

The students have made a great start to the year with excellent attendance, punctuality and uniform which is showing great promise for the year ahead. I, with others, were especially impressed by the way you conducted yourselves when attending the assemblies on Monday and Tuesday. That is testament to your efforts so well done! 

It would be remiss of me not to say how impressed staff were with your patience during the CATS tests. It must have been Miss McClusky’s singing of Frank Sinatra’s My Way! Only joking. 

Communication with parents and carers is vital here at CCA so Year 7 has a twitter feed which we would like parents and students to join. The Twitter feed is CCA Year 7. @cca_year 

On behalf of all the year team we look forward to working with you over the forth coming year. 

Many thanks, Mr Davenport Year 7 Achievement Director 

Year 8 Great start to the year 

I would like to welcome back the year 8 students to a new academic year at Clacton Coastal Academy. The students have made a great start to the year with excellent attendance, punctuality and uniform showing great promise for the year ahead. I was especially impressed by the way they conducted themselves when attending the assembly on the first day and showed a great deal of respect and dignity. I look forward to working with you all over the forth coming year. 

Mrs Lowis 

Year 8 Achievement Director 

Year 9 Fantastic Attendance 

Well here we are with a new academic year, new subjects and a fresh start. Students have been rising to the new challenges in this first week and giving it their all. Attendance has been fantastic this week with year 9 hitting the golden 98% so a great start and I hope it continues. Thank you for keeping the year team informed of any options concerns that have arisen so far, we are dealing with these as quickly as possible, thank you for your patience. 

Some of the highlights since we have been back have included Year 9 Design, Engineer, Construct students starting to complete some of the work in Unit 1 of their course. They are really excited about developing a new wing for the school on the east side. Miss Rawlings has also commented on how keen and enthusiastic her photography students are. Keep this up year 9 and this will be CCA's best results ever! 

Mr Hodge Year 9 Achievement Director 

Year 10 A TOP start to year TEN! 

A very warm welcome back… 

The GCSE journey begins and I have been delighted by the students hunger to knuckle down and get going. I have been out and about visiting classrooms to see high levels of enthusiasm and dedication as students busily learn. There have been a few timetable queries which we are working to resolve as quickly as we can, but generally, it has been a very positive start, well done! 

I cannot stress the importance of 100% attendance; many subjects now evolve around coursework with deadlines that must be met. Students have access to the LRC before and after school where they may quietly study. In the event that students are off poorly, please ensure an absence letter is brought in to their tutor. 

A gentle reminder that no lunchtime passes will be issued this year – there is simply not enough time to get off site and back again during our 30 minute lunchtime. 

I was delighted to hear some of our year 10 students being caring citizens this week, as they helped a blind man cross the road – Rebecca Berritt was amongst one of them – a stunning exampled of doing it the CCA way! Well done! 

Miss Blagrove Year 10 Achievement Director 

Year 11 The Importance of Year 11 

Welcome back to Year 11. As you are aware, I am now the Achievement Director in Year 11. I look forward to meeting more of you over the coming weeks and months. I am available at the Academy every day so please feel free to call the Year office if you’d like to chat about anything. 

It has been an extremely busy first two weeks back for Year 11. The year kicked off with a great Head start Day for Year 11. The students were given an opportunity to get a head start in some subjects with some specialist teachers focusing on particular GCSE skills. The behaviour and attitude of the students was impeccable throughout the day. 

We also welcomed Jim Roberson back to the Academy to talk to the students about ‘being inspired and living your dreams.’ I know that the word from the students was that they certainly left the session feeling very ready to give everything they have to succeeding this year. 

Year 11 is such an important year for students and really is the culmination of years of school work, homework and effort for the students. I cannot stress enough the importance of students ensuring that they are in school each day and that they make the most of every learning opportunity offered to them. I have no doubt that this group of students will rise to the challenge of Year 11 and I very much look forward to working alongside them to help them to succeed this year. 

Miss Wells: Year 11 Achievement Director