Year 7 Meet the tutor 

Well I think you would call the first 2 weeks a success. An ocean of positives, lots of progress being made, attendance running at 98% (I wish for a higher percentage please), staff saying how impressed they are with you and you have managed to nail the unfamiliar surroundings of a new school. I have to say you have settled in quicker than we expected. 

This week is the "Meet the tutor" afternoon. This is a good opportunity for parents and carers just to touch base with their child’s tutor and have a brief conversation on how things are going. I’m sure it will be a great event. Miss McCluskey tells me the form captains are going to be supporting the event by circulating with refreshments. 

I normally finish with a proverb but this week I’m going to finish with a simple saying; keep on keeping on! 

Very well done Year 7. 

Mr Davenport Year 7 Achievement Director 

Year 8 Commendations 

I have been delighted with Year Eights start to this academic year. During my spotlights, I have seen students fully immersing themselves in their studies. Their energetic, positive attitude to learning has enabled them to produce some excellent work - well done! 

The commendations for the year group are increasing every day; many are for positive attitude to learning which is a delight to see. 

I would like to congratulate 8MGA who had the highest attendance for last week. I look forward to celebrating excellent attendance with all year eight tutor groups during this academic year. 

Mrs Lowis 

Year 8 Achievement Director 

Year 9 Noble Nines 

The noble nines were like warriors heading to the local Derby at CCHS for the netball and Rugby. The Boys were very disciplined and played with compassion and conviction. They hit hard in tackles and showed great sportsmanship. The game was finished early as the mighty CCA were 50 - 0 up with 15 minutes still to play. Some of the star plays aiming for player of the season were Kye stokes who was hooker and scored 1point, Robert Parry was fly half with 2 points and Oliver Dawson Dragisic was man of the match with 3 points. The year team were there in great support, with tutors Mr Seager, Mr Cooper, Ms Taylor as well as Miss Rawlings and myself. The netball team had a few replacements who settled into the team well and put up a great fight in their first game, however we couldn’t quite keep up with CCHS. In the second game they came out on top with a 12-7 score. Well done girls, your lucky mascot will be at the next game! 

Mr Hodge Year 9 Achievement Director 

Year 10 I-Comm 

It's been a busy week as year 10 continue to settle into their option subjects. I had the pleasure of popping into catering, history and geography this week to see excellent behaviour for learning as students were busily studying. 

Our attendance figure has taken a bit of a knock over the last week. To address this, next week I will be awarding an I-comm GOLD award for every student whom has 100 % attendance for the week! Be in to win! 

Please remember, if you are off ill, you should be bringing in a sick note from home and giving it to your tutor. 

Miss Blagrove Year 10 Achievement Director 

Year 11 Study Centre 

The students have now started to settle in to Year 11 and appear to be realising that they might need to make some changes to their approach to their learning over the course of this year. The demands of Year 11 cannot be underestimated and I would like to take this opportunity to remind students, parents and carers that the Year team are always available to offer support and advice to any students who might be struggling to adapt to the demands of Year 11. 

The KS4 study centre is available every evening after school until 4pm for any Year 11 students who wish to complete homework or do revision for their studies. This area is fully equipped with computers for Year 11 students to use. I would urge all students to make the most of this amazing facility; this will help students in the run up to their mock exams at the end of November. 

It was great to celebrate the success of Rebecca Cohen this week who was our 'star of the week' for her hard work and enthusiasm in lesson. 

I must remind students and parents that all students are expected to arrive at the Academy at 8.35am for tutorial which begins at 8.40am. 

Miss Wells: Year 11 Achievement Director