Year 7 The CCA Way 

Now that Year 7 have settled into lessons it’s time to talk about the CCA WAY. 

In tutor time last week year 7 students were taken through the CCA WAY. This is a fundamental part of being a student at CCA and a key building block the children have to lay. In simple terms the CCA WAY is about celebrating all the extra activities that students take part in, outside of lessons. 

The CCA WAY is split into 3 parts… 

Courageous Citizens 

Caring community 

Accountable and Aspiring 

More information on the CCA WAY will be coming out very soon. 

I would also like to talk a little about homework. As I am sure you are aware homework is extremely important. Staff set homework to ensure that learning is embedded. 

Is your child supported as much as possible outside of school in the completion of homework? If the answer is no then I, as Achievement Director, need to ensure that homework is completed. This could mean introducing a designated Year 7 homework club after school. 

The attendance of an after school club of choice is another key part of the fundamentals of Year 7. I am adamant that after school extracurricular activities and homework should be completed by all year 7’s, not just the same people but all people. 

Achievement for all is all about the learning progress and I as Achievement Director for Year 7 am passionate that all of “my” year group achieve above and beyond. 

It’s now time to turn the heat up a bit and move year 7 into the position of doing the extra mile! 

Mr Davenport Year 7 Achievement Director 

Year 8 Attendance 

We had a positive week with over one thousand commendations being awarded to year 8 students. We are just behind year 7; perhaps we can overtake them next week? 

Top of the league is Arthur Levett and Thomas King who have both received 46 commendations since the beginning of the term. This is closely followed by Alfie Elms and Daniel Nidam who both have 44. 

During one of our walk abouts last week Mr Hellard was very impressed with Mrs Carters group who were cooking a beautiful chicken korma. The class were very focussed and the dishes looked fantastic. Pictures of the dishes can be found on our twitter. @CCA_EliteEights 

Attendance is the big focus for this term and we want to see everyone giving it their all to get in on time and boost attendance. No tutor group has managed 100% attendance yet, however we have two that are sitting on 99%, Mr Smith and Mrs Rai’s. Whose tutor group is going to hit the magic 100% first? 

We would also like to congratulate the rugby team who came third in a rugby tournament held at Clacton Rugby club. 

Mrs Lowis - Achievement Director Year 8 

Year 9 Noble Nines 

I wanted to share with you this week the amazing effort that is being shown by our year 9 students. We now have 24 students with over 50 commendations and 3 students sharing top spot with 70 commendations each, Mia-Rose Cowell, Caitlin Boyle and Jason Kelly. They are all rising to the challenge of 150 by Christmas think it might be a big year! 

Keep on at it! 

Mr Hodge Year 9 Achievement Director 

Year 10 Gold Awards 

I was delighted to award so many students with the i-Comm GOLD award last week for 100% attendance. As we progress to the start of GCSE courses, attendance is ever so important as students learn about their new subjects, I'd like to remind you that the Library is open every day after school affording students a quiet environment to study and use the computers should they need to. 

Our sporting teams have had a great start to the season as they begin playing against schools within the catchment area - remember, the PE department offer a full range of sporting clubs after school and welcome new members, get involved! 

I'd like to give a special mention to Steven Kidby who has shown courage to care by looking after a new student over the last few weeks. Doing it the CCA way - well done Steven! 

Miss Blagrove Year 10 Achievement Director 

Year 11 Mock Exams 

It was lovely to celebrate the successes of the following Year 11 students in assembly this week: 

Charlea Kingston, Billy Kirby, Bailey Nash and Daisy Butler for their excellent attitude and behaviour in BTEC Sport recently. The subject teacher reported that they have all been showing great determination to succeed. 

All the girls who took part in the Maths day - the providers said that the students were a true credit to themselves, the Academy and of course their parents and carers. 

I would like to draw your attention to the Mock exams which start for Year 11 students in six weeks time. Students are working hard towards these now and it is fabulous to see them taking the exams seriously. There is also an English Literature exam on November 9th and November 13th. This is NOT a mock exam. After school revision is being provided on Mondays and Thursdays after school for students to attend. 

Work is well under way now for Year 11, on their Employability Portfolios. The students work on these during tutorial time on Thursdays and Fridays. Local employers will now look at these portfolios to see evidence of how well prepared the students are for life after school. It was a pleasure to visit some tutor groups and see them working on these portfolios - a real opportunity for the students to sell themselves to employers and education providers in the area. 

A huge well done to all students in Year 11 who conducted themselves so well during the practice fire drill, showing themselves to be fantastic role models for the younger students in the Academy. Well done, Year 11! 

Miss Wells: Year 11 Achievement Director 

           Prefect Conference 2015