Year 7 Settled In Sevens

Well, my last article has obviously had a positive impact! Staff are recording on GO4Schools that more homework than ever is being done and I’ve sampled a selection of diaries and they were all up to date and signed by parents. That's really great to see! Thank you to our parents for your help with this. As Achievement Director of Year 7, this is the time of year when the Year 7 teacher data begins to be collected. For some the transition from primary to secondary has been a challenge. However, this is understandable. New school, new teachers, two new timetables, new times of the day; the list is endless! I will say, on the whole, Year 7 have "transitioned" well.

It is now time to talk about pushing on to bigger and better things and what I can do to support that. I have spoken to a number of students over the course of the first half term and it is clear that I need to do the following:

  • Create a designated Year 7 homework club day in the Learning Resource Centre.
  • Introduce some more opportunities to access school work from home.
  • Ensure that all Year 7’s have a Google account and are aware of how to access it.
  • Ensure that all Year 7's have a designated Google drive folder to upload work onto.

I will get those things in place for you as soon as possible. You have asked for it and I will sort it out for you! The last subject for this week is after school clubs. I’m going to pose a question....Is CCA actively involved with the Children's University? The answer is a clear and absolute YES. We are able to backdate hours accumulated from July until now. Most, if not all clubs at CCA are signed up to Children's University so what are you waiting for? Bring in your passport and start logging your activities. If you are new to Children’s University please see Mrs Funnell on Student Reception or Mr Knight in the Community Centre. After school clubs is my next big thing. I would like as many Year 7's as possible accessing clubs. Why not have a look at this list of activities available on the school website. Use the link below if that helps....

Mr Davenport

Yea r 8 Peer Mentor Eights

The Year 8s participated in a personal safety workshop in the first half term. This was a very productive session and most students exhibited mature behaviour throughout. Six of our students have undertaken a challenging training and interview session to become Peer Mentors. We would like to congratulate, Michael Higgins, Charlie Cullinane, Charlie Furnell, Maxine Aldwinkle, Sean Lynch, and Jessica Cheek who were all successful in their applications. We look forward to seeing them utilising their skills around the academy.

Mrs Lowis

Achievement Director Year 8

Yea r 9 Creative Nines

All Year 9 students are now settled and enjoying all their new options subjects. I have made it my duty over the last two weeks to go round and see the students in their different classes and what a pleasure this has been for me. In Resistant Materials, some very creative wood work is going on. In Media Studies, they are doing creative media. In Photography, wonderful photographs are being produced. Within DEC, they are researching and designing their own building and in Dance/Performing Arts, the students have attended a creative workshop led by Matthew Bourne Dance Group. It’s all very exciting!

Miss Hilton

Student Support Leader Year 9

Year 10 Resilient Tens

Welcome back. I hope you had a relaxing half term holiday after what has been a very busy first term. Students have really felt the jump from KS3 to KS4 studies as they

begin their GCSE courses. At times, this has proven difficult for the students as the work adds a new level of challenge. We encourage students to be resilient - not giving up, but instead looking for ways to succeed. 

For some, this can be harder, but with guidance and determination to achieve our very best, it can be achieved. I have however become quite concerned by our attendance. The impact an absence has on a child's education is detrimental; every lesson, students are acquiring new knowledge that will be preparing them for their coursework/examinations. If they miss this, it can cause them to fall behind. Therefore, I urge students to aim for 100% attendance. In the event that a student is off poorly, the Academy will require medical evidence for the 3rd day of absence. 

I have just about completed the requested option changes for those who have given parental consent.Please be aware, there will be no further moves unless there are exceptional circumstances. Save the date! Year 10 parents evening is fast approaching. November 19th. Letters will be sent out accordingly. Watch this space.

Miss Blagrove:Year 10 Achievement Director

Year 11 Dedicated Elevens

The big news this week is that examinations are well under way. It was fabulous to see so many students in school for the extra revision session over the half term holiday - once again, testament to their dedication and diligence. The first English Literature exam is Monday 9th November and will start at 9am. Students should aim to be in school by 8am for breakfast revision to ensure that they are not late for the examination. I look forward to seeing many students in school on Sunday 8th November for another revision session before the exam.

There are also Business exams next week. The Business students have taken part in exam practice walkthroughs to prepare them as much as possible for this exam. The staff in the department have reported that they are extremely happy with the attitude of the students - great stuff, Year 11! Exams can be very stressful for students and they can react to the pressure in many different ways. Please encourage your child to speak to the Year Office if they are feeling anxious.

Students have now been issued with their mock exam timetables and also a booklet giving strategies to aid revision and also information about what after school revision is available to the students. If you would like another copy of this information, please contact the Year Office and we'll arrange to have one sent to you.

Miss Wells:

Year 11 Achievement Director