Year 7 Good Work Sevens! 

In my article last week I raised a few questions about homework and after school clubs. I am pleased to report that Year 7 students have since been attending more clubs

than ever and the amount of late homework events logged on Go4schools has dropped. Well done Year 7 keep it up! 

I am very keen to hear the Year 7 opinions on a couple of topics of conversation. I am going to ask a sample of the year group about homework, Children's University and after school clubs and would like to get as many parents as possible supporting the academy and the students with these activities. Further information to 

follow next week. I will have the views of a significant percentage of the year group so watch this space! 

As we have recently returned from half term, this week is all about ensuring the classes are correct. Meetings are taking place and potentially a significant number of class changes are coming up. Our aim is to ensure your child has the best opportunity to succeed here at CCA. 

Have a good week and an excellent half term ahead! 

Mr Davenport 

Achievement Director Year 7 

Year 8 Stepping Up Eights! 

Once again, Year 8 have really stepped it up a gear this week. The number of commendations that are being issued by staff has increased. I would like to congratulate Cameron Clancy-McGeoghan who has gained thirty commendations since the beginning of November. This is followed by Mandy Leagas who has gained twenty. In third place is Harry Monaghan who has gained seventeen. Whose name will appear here in the next few weeks? 

I often circulate around the academy and was particularly impressed with a Year 8 class where the students’ level of learning was outstanding. The students reconstructed the battle of the Somme to enhance their understanding which was extremely impressive. 

Can I take this opportunity to remind you that if your child is absent from school you are required to ring the absence line with a reason. If your child is absent for three days or more please ensure you provide the academy with medical evidence. 

Year 9 Flying High Nines! 

Year 9 has been flying high this week! Attendance is on the up, positives are going through the roof and attainment is very strong across a lot of subjects! We hit our 96% attendance target this week and we have introduced a number of projects to keep this going. Well done to all the students who have 100% and no negatives over the first half term. We have over 60 students that have not received a negative so far this year! I was really impressed with the Art and photography portfolios that I saw this week; amazing work everyone, a really fantastic 


Mr Hodge 

Achievement Director Year 9 



THURSDAY 19th November 2014 4.30pm – 6:30pm 

We are pleased to invite you to the upcoming Parents’ Consultation Evening. You will have the opportunity to discuss your child’s progress with the Subject Teachers and Year Team staff. In addition, members of the 

Executive Team will also be available and happy to meet you to discuss any specific issues. 

Your child will be making appointments with their 

English, Maths and Science teachers. No appointments will need to be booked with other subjects and staff will be available to see you any time between 4.30 – 6.30pm. Appointments will be limited to 5 minutes with each teacher in order to ensure that as many parents as possible are able to see teachers. 

If you are unable to attend, but would still like an 

update on your child's progress, please contact the academy where another appointment can be made for you. 

On a logistical note, in the interests of traffic safety, we ask that you restrict parking in Pathfields Road to allow access for Emergency Services, should the need arise. Please do not park on either side of the road. 

We all look forward to meeting with you. 

Miss Blagrove: 

Year 10 Achievement Director 

Year 11  Impressive Elevens! 

I must say how very proud we all are of Year 11 this week. Once again, they have thoroughly impressed 

us with their attitude and enthusiasm. IGCSE English 

Literature exams took place this week. For some 

students, they had to sit three exams over the course 

of the week which is a tough ask by anybody's 


A large number of students attended school on Sunday morning for revision classes. Teachers commented on 

the excellent attitude of the students. The exams office also commented to me on how impressed they were 

with the students' conduct in the exam itself. 

May I please remind students and parents that the KS4 Study Centre is available to students after school each day if they wish to access computer facilities or support with their studies, in the run up to the Mock exams at the end of this month. 

Please ask your child about the 'Pass sport' scheme in Year 11. This scheme is now up and running and we do hope that it is going to be hugely successful in supporting the students with their revision and intervention, whilst encouraging them to attend after school sports clubs too. 

Miss Wells: 

Year 11 Achievement Director