Year 7 

I thought I should talk about being on time, on track and on target this week. Christmas stuff can wait a week! (I’m a bit of a bar humbug!) 

I’m getting rather anxious about you being on time, being on track and on target. I’m hearing from your teachers about the recent decline in a minority of students timekeeping, not keeping on track and not being on target. I’m going to rant.... This is a big NO NO! This week for is about nailing the basics! Be on time, complete your work and get back or keep on track! 

Have a good week. 

Mr Davenport 

Achievement Director Year 7 

Year 8 

This week year 8s have been studying relationships in SMSC . 

On Friday during my learning walks I had the pleasure of seeing an excellent group that were fully engaged in the activity of making a bride and groom. The group discussions on whether couples should get married or live together were very mature and students were voicing their own views as well as listening to other students’ points of view and 

challenging the reasoning behind them. 

Below is some of the creative work that they produced. 

Year 10 

It's been a busy term as students have got underway with their GCSEs. It's been full on as students acquire new knowledge and skills in each subject area, from the depths of Macbeth in English to complex coding in Computer Science! 

Now that the final tweaks have been put in place to student timetables, please be aware there will be no more changes in the new year. Please remember, the Study Centre is open to year ten students after school should they want additional study time to catch up on learning. 

Over the last few weeks, we have seen our attendance drop in year 10. Please remember, every day of learning missed can have a significant impact on the student's 

progress and attainment. We must continue to strive for 100% to ensure our students can achieve their very best. 

Whilst on the subject of 100% attendance, a big congratulations must go to; Carl Anderson, Charlie Barker, Kasia Bates-Cutts, Katie Black, Matthew Boarer, Chelsey Brooks, Charlie Campbell, Harry Collinson, Liam Cook, Mollie Cook, Kya Cooper, Bradley Davis, Hattie Dawson- Dragisic, Ellie Day, Jordan Fincher, Katy Follon, Mia Fowler, Lewis Gorrell, Jack Jenkins, Jodie Hazelwood, Cydney Janes- Hendy, Jollie Jerram, Steven Kidby, Jessica King, Tyler Knight, Sydney Knights, Megan Knight, Jayson Lamb, Caroline Lynch, Sam Malone, Tiegan McCauley, Chloe-Ann McCormack, Leon McCullough, Callum Moore, Phillip Navarrette, Tiger O'Brien, Emily Overton, Paris Parker North, Georgia Parry, Charlie Powell, Antony Puxley, Lorna Sharpe, Katie Shayshutt, Alex Simenok, Lee Stenson, Katherine Thurston, Charlotte Tibble, Mitchell Timms, Charlie Tobyn, Megan Townsend, Molly White, James Whitear, Sean Wiggins, Ashely Williams, Jamie Winter, Amy Woodman and Rhys Wookey, who have achieved 100% this term! Fabulous! 

Miss Blagrove 

Achievement Director Year 10