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posted 4 Feb 2016, 07:39 by H Slim   [ updated 4 Feb 2016, 07:39 ]

Year 7 

We talked in assembly last week about how you need to push on to achieve your green targets. Are you working at hitting those targets? Do you know what you still need to do? Make sure you are talking to your teachers and finding out what you need to do to improve. Outside of school, are you attending after school clubs? Do you ever pick up a book and read around topics you are studying in school? How about working with a friend to do homework together? 

Remember, the more you put in, the more you get out! 

It really is up to you! 

Mr Davenport 

Achievement Director 

Year 8 

Staff have been sending the year team emails of praise throughout the week but the following students’ success was outstanding and celebrated in assembly. 

  • Dejaa Allen was great in Catering this week, he was helpful and stepped up to help the other students in the class and supported them whilst creating his own challenging dish. I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds for him as he has huge potential and is a genuinely great lad! 

  • 8X4 are a hardworking group and took on a very challenging task this week and achieved a good result. 

Mr Vickers 

  • Can you congratulate 8XTEC3 for the great start they have made to Catering. They have shown maturity and resilience to complete tasks that have stretched their skills. 

Mrs Carter 

  •  8X1 and 8Y1 Maths classes are doing terrific work by having a go at questions taken from past exam papers and getting them right. They aspire to be courageous by attempting hard questions and accountable for correcting any mistakes they make. They also work well as a class and support each other so any member of staff walking into the room would see they are a caring community. 

Miss Petersen 

Well done to all the students mentioned. It is lovely to celebrate the successes. 

Mrs Lowis 

Achievement Director 

Year 9 

Year 9 had an amazing week with lots of commendations and the attendance is a solid 95%. 

I had the pleasure of working with the Year 9 Team and the ‘Prison Me! No-Way!’ Team last week and I must say the day had such an impact on me. All the students that got involved in the day reported back that they had enjoyed it and that they looked at the law and prison in a new light. I want to thank Mrs O'Connor and Ms Taylor for the time and effort that went into planning the day. 

The Year Team have continued with the positive phone calls and letters this week with 30 letters going home praising some of our students for 100% attendance and no negatives from September. 

Year 9 reports are due to come out this half term. If you have any concerns please contact the Year 9 Team. 

Mr Hodge 

Achievement Director 

Year 10 

Netball Success! 

I was delighted to hear some fantastic news this week -Katie Black was a ball girl at the recent England Ladies Vs Australia Netball. She was selected across the 

country due to her volunteer status helping younger players and carried the Australian flag at the event. This was a fantastic opportunity - well done Katie! 


I have had a few students over the last week requesting an option move - can I remind you we are 17 weeks into GCSE courses which will mean there will be a significant pressure for students to catch up. The decision to move options will depend on classes and more importantly, ensuring students have the correct subjects to fulfil the EBACC. 

Prefect Success! 

Many congratulations to our newly appointment prefects - I was particularly proud to see two of our new admission students; Jack Bruce and Katie Shayshutt 

courageously put themselves forward for the role and succeeding. 

Mrs Campbell and Mrs Lakey commented on their strong CCA values and what a pleasure it was to hear such mature young adults - well done! 


Do you know your attendance? Do you know what im-pact a day off school is having on your progress and learning? Keep striving for 100%! 

Miss Blagrove 

Achievement Director 

Year 11 

Well we are coming to the end of another busy half term in Year 11. The students have now started their compulsory after school revision timetables. Some students appear to be choosing not to attend these sessions. I would like to reiterate that students have been specifically requested by their subject teachers to attend these sessions in order to maximise their chances of success in the summer examinations. Please encourage your child to attend as many of these sessions as possible. Some Year 11 boys took part in Chelsea football trial this week. I understand that this trial was excellent and our boys did themselves proud. We look forward to seeing who makes it through to the next stages. Well done for having the courage to give it a try. 

There are interventions for Business, Maths and ECDL during the half term holiday. If your child is involved in this, you would have been sent a letter. please could I ask that reply slips are returned to the Year Office as soon as possible. 

Miss Wells 

Achievement Director