Year 7 

It seems amazing that as from Friday 26th February, we will be over half way through our first year at the Academy. Students in Year 7 have matured and become more independent. They have earned an astounding amount of commendations; some Year 7 students are pushing towards 200 commendations! Many students are proudly wearing numerous subject badges on their blazer lapels already. We are looking forward to the second half of Year 7 and seeing more incredible achievements, 100% attendance and even more of you attending an after school club! 

Mr Davenport, Achievement Director 

Year 8 

I have been delighted with Year 8s’ start to this half term. During my spotlights, I have seen students fully immersing themselves in their studies. Their energetic, positive attitude to learning has enabled them to produce some excellent work - well done! 

I have challenged every Year 8 student to join an after school club this half term. At the academy we have an extensive range including various sports, dance, drama, movies, STEM and many, many more. I look forward to celebrating an increase in Year 8 students attending these. 

Attendance is the big focus for this half term and we want to see everyone giving it their all to get in on time and boost attendance. Only 2 tutor groups have managed 100% attendance for one week. Which tutor group will be at the top of the league table this half term? 

Mrs Lowis, Achievement Director 

Year 9 

It's been a pleasure meeting with parents this week to 

discuss the reports that went home just before the half term break. It's been wonderful to celebrate real success with students who are working towards achieving GCSE's already in Year 9 and showing fantastic progress. The year team continues on its mission to send a message or make a phone call home to every student to celebrate this achievement so well done to all of the students who have received this so far. Will it be you next week? 

Attendance is the focus once again for Year 9, with any students who are under 90% attendance, at this point in the year, being deemed as "persistently absent” by the government. Please contact the Year Team if you are concerned by attendance and we will do all we can to support you. It is vitally important to maintain high 

attendance to support good progress and the best out comes in learning. We are now issuing catch up sheets to students who have missed out on their learning to support a positive independent approach to their studies. 

Mr Hodge, Achievement Director 

Year 10 

Can you believe we are half way through the year? 

Students have settled in well following the half term break; it is very much back to business. You will have now received your child's report which will give you an overview of their progress and attainment. Please remember, we have the fantastic use of the Study Centre afterschool from 2.50pm until 3.50pm giving students a quiet study space should they wish to crack on with coursework or catch up. This is open to all Year 10 and 11 students. 

I was delighted to see so many Year 10 students involved in sporting fixtures this week; both our boy and girl football teams hosted TTC in two grilling matches - 

Harry Harvey scored a super goal for the blues, sadly this was CCAs only goal of the match. 

Do we have your correct contact details on the system? In case of an emergency, it is important that the Academy has your most up to date numbers. Please ensure you keep us updated of any changes. 

Miss Blagrove, Achievement Director