Year 7 

I need some help from year students this week. 

We recently had a visit from the Essex Fire Service. They visited the academy to talk to about arson and hoax call prevention. So that we can monitor the 

effectiveness of the visit and the information that has been retained by the year group I would appreciate if you could complete our online quiz. Please use the link below to the Website: 

The password is: quiz 

I must take this opportunity to thank the parents for their support with the year 7 reports. I am aware there needs to be some clarification with the up coming 

parents evening in regard to time slots and I will be sending this out to you next week. I also understand that there was some questions around target setting. Please be assured we will provide an explanation on how we set targets. 

Mr Davenport, Achievement Director 

Year 8 

This week in assembly, we have been celebrating Year 8 students who have been amazing in their Expressive Arts lessons. Mrs Slim reported to me, “I have just had the above class for an Expressive Arts acting lesson - they were absolutely fantastic! Every single student participated and performed during the lesson and the feedback they gave at the end was constructive and mature with excellent use of keywords. It felt like teaching a Key Stage 4 lesson! What an absolute pleasure to teach!” 

Just a reminder that during the last week of term raffle tickets will be handed out to students in the canteen at lunchtime. Students have to be in school to have a chance of receiving one. The raffle tickets can be exchanged on Thursday for prizes. The more raffle tickets the bigger the prize! 

Mrs Lowis, Achievement Director 

Year 9 

Year 9 have been the top attending year group for the last 3 weeks and are now only 3 points behind year 8 with 1 week to go. Keep it going year 9! 

Remember what Mrs Neill said in assembly, we are a close community working closely together to achieve a goal! 

Next week we will be having our traditional ‘Oscars’ assembly and celebrating achievements in the year group. 

We have a few students who are really close to the goal of 150 commendations this term. Daisy Joy is the star so far with 144 at this point. 

Mr Hodge, Achievement Director 

Year 10 

Can you believe we are nearly at the end of the Spring Term? Following the Easter Break, there are only 13 school weeks left of year 10 - time flies! 

I have been delighted to receive such positive comments from staff reflecting our aspiring students: 

“The following students have attended after school revision for the past two weeks, in preparation for their English Language mock exam after Easter. I've been really impressed with the level of dedication they have shown for their English GCSE by attending these sessions. Jolie Jerram, Mia Headford, Kia Oliver, 

Jasmine Roberts, Summer North, Megan Knight, 

Chloe Nash, Ellie Gibson.” (Miss Suen) 

Tiger-Lilly has been consistently excellent in Science. She has never once deviated from her work and shows tremendous dedication and perseverance. Her work ethic is second to none and will no doubt lead to great success come next summer and beyond. Well done Tiger-Lilly!” (Mr Patel) 

“Ellie Gibson and Harry Collison for being aspiring and accountable. Both students produced excellent work in a recent feedback lesson and were very keen to improve on their mistakes.” (Miss Rodriguez) 

Ellie Cull, Amalia Mouratidou, Chloe Ranson, Paris Parker North, Cydney Hendy, Chloe-Anne McCormack and Emily Ginder have worked incredibly hard and I am looking forward to promising speaking assessments in German.” (Mrs Barton) 

A gentle reminder we have our year 10 examinations starting 22nd April 2016. Students should be preparing a revision time table to ensure they are fully prepared for their forthcoming tests - don't forget the Study Centre is available every day after school from 2.50 - 3.50pm providing students a quiet, study environment. 

Miss Blagrove, Achievement Director