Year 7 

During the past week all Year 7’s in the Academy had an opportunity to review their key performance data for term 2. They looked at the current levels in comparison to their mile-stone targets, their attendance figures, their behaviour scores and discussed their personal qualities. From looking at the data so far it is nothing but positive. Well done to all! 

As Achievement Director, it is incredibly rewarding to see that our Year 7 students really take pride in their achievements and engage with the data in a mature way; really looking at what needs to be done today in order to secure the future they have chosen for themselves. 

Well done year 7, make sure your final few months of this term are as positive as the data suggests! Remember, excellence becomes force of habit. 

A Davenport, Achievement Director 

Year 8 

Year 8's have been working on their Speak Out Challenge speeches this week. There were some interesting topics picked in 8NPE, ranging from Bullying through Advantages of Gaming to How Makeup should be for Girls and Boys. Students in 8NPE also completed their final part of the Data Conference and CCA passports. One student found that he was close to passing his green targets in a few lessons and gave himself a challenge to try and pass those targets by next half term. 

A big well done to Samuel Curtis, Paige Clemenson, Chloe Budd and Harry Monaghan for hitting and passing 200 commendations this year so far in 8NPE. Also a massive well done to Thomas King in 8PGL for having 263 commendations and coming top of the Year 

8 Commendations League with no negatives to date. 

Reported by Students of Tutor Group 8NPE 

Year 9 

Last Friday, six of our Year 9 students took part in The Stanway Federation Learning Centre, University Challenge, Creative Minds Competition. 

The six students chosen to compete in the challenge were: Kieran Whitear, Ronnie Moir, George Levy, Jessica Haywood, Grace Pinner and Ellie Ashford. 

Our students, along with those from other secondary schools in the area, competed to design the ‘University of the Future’. 

Our students really enjoyed the challenge of the task. They decided that their university would specialise in Science for research into diseases, making ground breaking discoveries; Technology, as this is their generation’s future and Languages, to ensure they are able to communicate effectively. They also felt that student safety and well-being within the campus was important, as well as ensuring all students had access to study areas and learning resources. 

Miss Hilton, who accompanied the students said " It was a real pleasure to attend the University challenge with six of our year 9 students. They all worked extremely hard and I was very proud of all they achieved on the day." 

Miss Hilton 

Year 9 Student Support Leader 

Year 10 

Students' are busily talking about work experience this week. I have been thoroughly impressed by their enthusiasm and drive to take up the opportunity to experience what life is about in the working environment! 

Please remember, work experience is not compulsory, however for those who are interested, there is a tight turnaround: 

Should you have any concerns, please see Ms Quartermaine or Ms Leatherby. 

Miss Blagrove, Achievement Director 

Year 11