Year 7 

Warmer Weather - As the summer months approach, I would like to remind students that they should be appropriately dressed, adhering to the Academy uniform policy. 

Attendance and Attainment - Last term saw the launch of the latest attendance initiative in which we strived for 100% attendance – it’s really important we continue to strive for 100% attendance to ensure students continue making good progress across the curriculum. We are now working towards end of year targets; I look forward to seeing excellent results. 

End Of Term Trip - Our end of term trip has now been confirmed for Thursday 22nd July to Colchester Zoo. Letters, outlining expenses and further details will be sent out shortly. 

The Year Team very much look forward to a positive and pleasing term ahead. 

Mr Davenport, Achievement Director 

Year 8 

This week’s report is from Tutor Group 8NLE 

In mentor time, students having been planning a talk for the Speak Out challenge with subjects ranging from bullying through to hobbies and favourite football teams. Initially a couple of students put their names forward to speak in assembly but at the moment they need to summon more COURAGE to do so. 

Filling in their logs for the CCA Way, it is encouraging that many students have felt they meet the targets. They have ASPIRED to improve their grades and many have seen their attendance percentage rise as we log attendance each week. Students have also shown that they CARE with many helping students around the academy and also we have quite a full tin for the loose change charity collection. Students are showing a good sense of COMMUNITY with many asking to be duty students and fulfilling the role conscientiously The attendance challenge is continuing. Last week Y Band students who obtained 100% were placed in a prize draw for a free lunch voucher. Congratulations to Leo Arnold, Katie Cardwell, Charlie Cullinane, Bethany Doy, Jordan Goodall, Weronika Jaruzel, Zuzanna Mirga, Luke Watson, Syke Williams and Alfie Young who were drawn. 

Miss Lowis, Achievement Director 

Year 9 

Students of the week. 

Mr Vickers shared with us some fantastic news via email this week. His class were given the challenging task to fillet a fresh Plaice. Reanna Lacey demonstrated exceptional skill and care throughout the task on par with professional caterers. Her mature and professional approach to the task was everything we love to see in Catering; passion, care and enthusiasm. I quote "made an old chef smile to see that level of skill!" 

Within Design Engineer Construct we have been working on REVIT skills and developing our understanding of the built environment. This week I have selected Bailey Byers and Zachary Starkey who are the students of the month. They have completed all tasks to a high standard and made me very proud of the work they have produced. 

The Essex Boys and Girls Club trip was a real success. The organiser had this to say about our students. “All of the group achieved everything we set for them to do during the week. Compared to some of the groups we take they really stepped up and out performed them. All of the group performed superbly well and overcame is-sues along the way. Sam, Rio and Jorden stepped up at various times to show they could be responsible and ma-ture. However, the one that stood out above the rest was Reanna. Despite having hurt her toe on the first day’s activity she remained positive and keen to participate. She worked well within the group and often tried to keep the peace”. 

Well done all and Reanna, it seems like you have had a fantastic week, keep up the good work. 

Mr Hodge, Achievement Director 

Year 10 

All the students are talking about Work Experience! The number of those interested in pursuing a placement this year is exceptional! The website is now live for you to browse and apply by visiting the IAG link on the 

Academy homepage. 

The aim of the process is to provide students with a flavour of working life within our community. As students make their way into the VIth Form, placements will 

become much more tailored to their personal interests. Please remember, students need to select from our data base where placements have been health and safety checked, and there is a substantial insurance in place to ensure your child is safe when out in the working environment. 

Applications need to be submitted by 24th May. There was ‘Speak out’ success this week as our wonderful Megan Knight, brought CCA into the top three placings at The Jack Petchy Speak Out Challenge. Her beautiful, brave speech left everyone moved - well done Megan! 

Miss Blagrove, Achievement Director 

Year 11 

Our very own Ellie Chilver was given an amazing opportunity at the beginning of this week. Ellie has been a Sea Cadet for the past year and has been working hard as part of the team in her unit. 

As part of this unit, Ellie and her peers were invited to make a vlog which was judged in a national competition. Ellie's vlog was chosen as one of 150 semi-finalists out of over 1,000 entries - an amazing achievement. Ellie was invited to London to take part in a conference with Youtubers in the Google headquarters building. Ellie thoroughly enjoyed this experience and learned a lot about media and the world of vlogging! 

It's always great to be able to celebrate the successes of our Year 11 students outside of school as well an in school - so many of them have talents that we rarely get to hear about it. 

In school, the students are working well and are getting closer to the end of Year 11. The next two weeks are extremely busy with external exams and we must remind students that they should still be attending all revision sessions after school and working hard to complete any outstanding BTEC work. Students must complete BTEC work before they will be considered for a reduced timetable. 

Miss Well, Achievement Director