Year 7 

I have received some excellent feedback on Year 7 from staff across the curriculum and from investigating on Go4Schools. As a year team, we are exceptionally proud of the hard work and dedication that the students are putting into their studies. 

Congratulations to Tutor Group 7JSH for their fund raising efforts for MIND. Absolutely superb work - well done! 

Mr Davenport, Achievement Director 

Year 8 

This has been a good week for Tutor Group 8DSM. There has been a dramatic increase in the amount of commendations that have been awarded to the group, especially for the 'Aspiring' category. I believe this shows the current mind-set of the group, who regularly discuss their future and unlocking metaphorical doors to success. The group have also proved to be very 'Accountable' this week as several of our students have volunteered to help in the reception area as duty students. The reports issued by the reception staff have been extremely positive and congratulatory. Alongside this, the tutor group has one of the lowest levels of pastoral detentions, with only 1 issued last week, this was for having a shirt un-tucked. As a tutor group we are proud of CCA and the sub community that is 8DSM. This coming week we were looking at Drug Awareness and we are looking forward to applying our mature attitudes towards this topic area. 

The attendance campaign has continued. This week it was the most improved students who received a lunch voucher. I would like to congratulate Mikey Wilding, Scarlett Giles, Caitlin Harris, Brooklyn Hutchinson, Joseph Willis, Jimmy Wilkes, Chad Day, Katie Cardwell, Loucheio Devlin Walden and Emily Kirby for raising their attendance. 

Miss Lowis, Achievement Director 

Year 9 

We celebrated a number of significant mile stones this week in assembly. Firstly, Daisy Joy who has reached 500 COMENDATIONS this year so far! We have 10 students who have achieved over 100 for the first half term so they are all working towards the 150 target for the term. 

We also celebrated the students below on their fantastic achievements in dance and here is what was said. 

“On behalf of the Expressive Arts team, I just wanted to take the time again to congratulate the Year 9 dancers who were awarded in this week's assembly for their outstanding work in Dance. 

The following students have demonstrated grit and determination in both their Core and BTEC Dance studies and we would like to congratulate them on their outstanding progress in lessons: Jasmin Blackbourn; Sophie-May Bramley; Ellie Dawson; Katy Denney; Sarah Doherty; Jasmine Elliott; Keeley Faulkner; Chloe Harris; Megan Hazelwood; Daisy Joy; Jodie Kershaw; Linda Kmiotek; Amy Leeks; Lois Lloyd; Chloe Lott-Buzec; Eadie Mitchell; Chelsi Morris; Katie Noble; Melissa Pallett; Maddi Sargent; Brooke Shorter; Shannon Snow; Amber Stearn; Carol Taylor; Amy Thomas-Woolley; Kelsey Townsend and Ashley Vass. 

The following students were then individually recognised for their individual achievements in Dance: 

Faith Bulley-Lowe for her progressions in her spellings and technical ability demonstrating dynamic and passionate performances in dance particularly in the extracurricular Step into Dance programme. 

George Eastwood for upping his game in Dance and demonstrating individuality and commitment in his performances. George has also gone above and beyond in his written homework, showing a real artistic flair and commitment to dance. 

Mia-Rose Cowell has exhibited a stunning performance in dance this term through her dedication and determination in Dance. In particular, Mia has shown outstanding use of dance vocabulary during peer feedback and questioning, challenging herself both in and outside the classroom. This has enabled Mia to audition for the gifted and talented dance programme at Dance East. We wish you luck, Mia! 

Samantha Thurbon has blossomed into a stunning dancer this term showing a resilience and devotion in Dance that has really ignited her confidence. Sammie consistently applies feedback given during lesson time taking her dance from strength to strength, particularly in Core Dance. 

Chloe Dicks has demonstrated a positive attitude to her dance studies through her grit and desire to succeed. Chloe’s infectious personality has shone through and allowed her to progress so far that she is now being awarded some of the highest grades in the class. 

Well done Year 9 Dance students, it has been a pleasure to have watched you grow and progress this term! 

Miss Staveley - Dance 

Mr Hodge, Achievement Director 

Year 11 

I guess this will be the last entry from the Year 11 team as we prepare to say goodbye to Year 11. By the time you read this, we will have enjoyed shirt signing day and our annual Leavers' Assembly with the year group. We will have shared lots of stories, photos and awards with the students and every-body will have had a lovely time. 

The students have all been given their timetables for after half term now. It is very important that students look after these timetables and follow these closely over the next two weeks. There are still exams to complete, BTEC portfolios to complete and ECDL ex-ams to pass! 

May I take this opportunity to thank you all, as a group of parents and carers for the amazing support that you have shown to the year team and to the Academy over the last five years. It truly has been so appreciated and it is this level of support that will lead to some huge successes for our students in Au-gust on results day. They are a fine group of young people and, in school, they do you proud each and every day. It has been a pleasure to work with the Year 11 community - students and parents/carers alike. 

We look forward to welcoming lots of you as specta-tors of Year 11 Prom arrivals on Friday 1st July from 6.45pm - see you there!