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Year Team Spotlight

posted 4 Apr 2014, 03:50 by H Slim   [ updated 4 Apr 2014, 03:51 ]

Year 7 Celebrate Your Success 

This week is all about celebration success and achievement. It was a great joy to see so many students on the stage during assembly receiving recognition for their achievements this term. Attendance percentages, commendations, staff praise, yet more badges, speak out competition winners - the list goes on and on. As I said in assembly this is all to do with you and the correct attitude you have taken. Well done to you all. 

I have some shocking news, you heard it here first, Mr Davenport will be in and around school wearing a onesie on Friday raising as much money as possible for Cancer Research UK. A very worthwhile cause and one very close to my heart. 

It would be remiss of me not to thank the tutors, the parents and Mrs Hilton, Miss Perry and Mrs Granger for there continued support. Without all these people year 7 would not be as good in and around CCA. 

Have your self a restful, safe and enjoyable break. 

Mr Davenport 

Year 7 Achievement Director 

Year 8 8PIC 8IGHTS! 

It's been an 8PIC term! Students have thoroughly excelled themselves across the curriculum and I'd like to take this opportunity to reflect. 

We had the hugely successful 'Epic Eight Eggstravaganza' which saw many of our students involve themselves in music, dance and film. We had outstanding support from the year eight community to enjoy the event. 

The whole of Year Eight were invited to attend the recent trip to The Globe - again, it was a hugely successful trip that enriched students imagination with a fun, exciting workshop working on the themes from the play, The Merchant of Venice, followed by a vibrant stage performance of the play. 

The 'Busy Bee Attendance Campaign' came to a close this week. Congratulations to those who won the Easter Eggs in our attendance raffle and to Jasmine Roberts who won the large Easter Egg! Those who achieved 100% attendance were awarded enamel bee badges to allow the to wear a onesie - well done to all, this is a fantastic achievement! 

Accelerated Reader success! I have been delighted with the progress of Year Eight in AR this term with two classes, C3 and O2, achieving 'Master' status! This is an absolutely fantastic achievement - well done to both classes! Keep it up! 

Many of our students have been involved in dancing and sporting events; the dance show, cricket academy, football - the list is endless! I'd like to congratulate students on their dedication, enthusiasm and success. I look forward to the summer fixtures for some more epic success from our Year Eights. I'd now like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy holiday and I look forward to the Summer Term! 

Dates for the diary: 

Parents evening, 1st May 

Charity Day, 14th July 

End of Year trip, 17th July (more details to follow) 

Miss Blagrove Year 8 Achievement Director 

Year 9 End of year trip 

This week we congratulate 2 students who have reached the fantastic milestone of 100 commendations in this term, Annie-May Kitchener and Kia Baker-Williams. 

For information our end of year trip will be on Tuesday 15th July, currently the year group have voted to split the trip between paintball, a theme park or an activity like GoApe. I will work to keep costs around £25-£30 and will send a letter with more details to follow including a payment plan. 

Mr Hodge Year 9 Achievement Director 

Year 10 Busy term! 

Well it has been a busy last week to the term and a very productive one in Year 10. More and more students have been attending revision classes after school and their dedication is really starting to show now. All the hard work will really set the students up nicely for the last term of the year. 

This week saw Hannah Ross win £100 of high street vouchers for having such fabulous attendance this term. The draw was completed during assembly and it was great to see such a huge pile of tickets for those students who have attended regularly this term. Well done to everybody who had tickets in the draw and happy spending to Hannah! 

The year 10 boys football team did us proud on Wednesday as they beat Harwich school 3-0 on home turf. Although I have no idea about the rules, they certainly looked impressive! Another great example of what can be achieved with dedication and team work. 

A number of students from Year 10 also took part in The National Enterprise Challenge this week. Pictures and more news to follow about this in the newsletter after Easter. 

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Year ten students for being a wonderful year group to work with this term and I look forward to sharing many more success stories next term. 

I hope that all Year ten students and their family and friends have a wonderful, restful and, hopefully, sunny Easter break. 

Miss Wells Year 10 Achievement Director 

Miss Froning Year 10 Deputy Achievement Director 

Year 11 Students Of The Week

“Dulcie Bradley-Barratt noticed that the Year 11 “sign up” sheet for sport relief was blank; not only did she then take it upon herself to sign up, she also stood in front of both girls and boys PE groups to get more Year 11 students on the list. This resulted in a full “sign up” sheet and even more names on the reverse! She even collected people’s donations and brought them down to Miss Allington and me! I just wanted to let you know how hard she worked to get this done and that both Miss Allington and I are really proud of her!” - Mr Seager 

1. Traditionally the main bulk of the year 11 exams have been after the Whitsun holidays. 

2. There are only 7 days left until exams start in May. 

3. Revision now needs to increase please. 

4. There is a variety of revision & catch-up sessions going on over Easter and after school study centre sessions are on-going. 

5. 3 leavers miles per after school / lunchtime session. 

6. 6 leavers miles for each day you spend here in the holidays. 

Mrs Starmer Year 11 Achievement Director 

Mrs Barry Year 11 Achievement Director