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posted 7 Feb 2014, 02:06 by H Slim   [ updated 7 Feb 2014, 02:09 ]

Year 7 Student Achievement 

We have had a busy time in Year 7 tutor time with script writing and rehearsals for the ‘Jack Petchey Foundation - Public Speaking Competition’ here at Clacton Coastal Academy. Well done to Lia Bailey, Sophie-May Bramley and Kayleigh Saunders (7PRU) and all the other teams, from individual tutor groups, that made it through to the Year 7 final. 

Recent assemblies have had a focus on student achievement and it is so pleasing to see yellow and red commendation badges rewarded across the year. They are a testament to the hard work and effort made by our Year 7 students across the curriculum. 

My Tutor Prefects & Year Council Representatives, as those in other Year 7 groups, have been busy with Charity fundraising activities. Well done to Christopher Clements-Cole, Robert Parry and Kayleigh Saunders for all the additional work they do across the school. 

Attendance continues to be a high priority for us all. As everybody knows you have to ‘bee in’ to access learning. Week by week, we are collecting stickers for 100% attendance. A full card of stickers means that we are allowed to wear a ‘Onesie’ to school on the last day of term (and I haven’t had a day off yet). Mr Davenport has promised he will be attired in such an item, on the final Friday, if Year 7 attendance reaches 98%! That has to be an incentive; if we ever needed one!! 

Mr Ruffell Year 7 Tutor Infinity 

Year 8 8PIC 8IGHT! 

Infinity Academy: Students involved, have positively taken the opportunity to raise their attainment across the curriculum and I am absolutely delighted with Year Eight’s attendance and engagement with Infinity Academy. Well done! 

It’s been a fabulous week in drama! It’s always lovely to receive emails from staff regarding Year Eight in lessons, and this one was particularly special; DR801, DR8C1 and DR8A2. Especially DR801 who were great in lesson this week - they come into class and are eager to get going and learning. Brandon Silva-Lee has been great in class. He now directs and also evaluates others in his groups and class. I feel he is gaining a lot for himself and self-confidence in this subject. They are a high light to my teaching week! 

An outstanding achievement Year Eight – Keep up the good work! 

Extra-Curricular in year Eight: Miss McCluskey has set up some additional clubs, exclusively for Year Eight after school, from Film Making Clubs, to Reading Clubs. 

Pop into the Year office for more information. 

Attendance: Do you know your attendance? Remember, to bee in a onesie, you must have 100% attendance! 

Keep up the hard work, Miss Blagrove

  Year 8 Achievement Director 

Year 9 Futures Festival 

So careers and options are the hot topics in year 9 this week and will continue to be so for the next few weeks. To recap - attendance over this period is so important to get all the information to kick start your future and make informed decisions. This Friday saw the launch of the options process to the year group. Monday 10th will see all the year group taking part in an options conference where students will start to discuss their data and where they hope to be in their short, medium and long term plans. On Tuesday 11th all of year 9 will attend the coast site to take part in the Futures festival, students are required to be on town site at the west hall for 8:20am to be registered and have information given to them. Wednesday 12th sees a number of students traveling to the Somme for the History Battlefields trip, a fantastic eye opening experience one that I myself will never forget. Thursday 13th is Year 9 parents evening, a fantastic opportunity for parents and students to discuss the progress and attainment at this point in preparation for options. After half term on Thursday 27th students will have an opportunity to look round the options stools before parents can join them later in the day. 

This week we were very lucky to be joined by a number of guests to the academy. Firstly we had Rebecca DeCicco a practicing Level 3 Architect from London working with our COYO winners - Luke Wyatt, Travis young, Amber smith, Safron Stratford, Robyn Thomas, Megan Thompson, Hannah West, Eleanor Shears, Ronnie Dawson, Thomas Lawrence and Chelsea Thomson. This was to support our budding Architects with Auto Desk REVIT - a building information modelling tool used in industry to support the creation of the Eco classroom they have designed. She was very impressed with the work the students have undertaken so far and has pleaded more support for these students. She is going to act as a professional mentor (I am very excited!) 

We also welcomed Essex University this week who are working with a number of our students. The aim of the project is to look at higher level thinking skills and preparing students for University. This week the focus was on literacy and the power of reading and they have set up and donated a number of books to the students to start their own Book club. 

Infinity Academy continues this week with year 9 Boys and Girls having really good attendance so far. Charlotte Douglas Grey was nominated as learner of the week by the Tutors so well done to her. 

Mr Hodge 

Year 9 Achievement Director 

Year 10 New Prefects 

It is with great pleasure that I can announce a number of success stories this week in Year 10. Firstly, prospective Prefects were interviewed and some Year 10 students were among those chosen. Big congratulations must go to: 

Kelly-Ann Jarvis 

Mandy Lee 

Leah Payne 

Rebecca Haywood 

Lili-Marie Kemp 

Ethan Price 

Bradley Priestley 

Michael Barker 

Josh Quartermaine 

I have no doubt that these students will be excellent ambassadors for Year 10 and CCA. 

Secondly, 28 students from Year 10 were nominated by their English teachers to take part in a one day workshop run by the Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge. These students were tu-tored in public speaking skills and even prepared and deliv-ered a speech to their peers. A very brave thing to do! Of these 28 students, 5 were chosen to go on to the next stage which will ultimately result in one of them representing Clacton Coastal Academy at the regional final in May. A big well done to Zach Walter, Ben Rockell, Andy Allen, Elle Millhouse and Kaija Lawley. I look forward to seeing them all progress further over the coming weeks. 

Miss Wells  Year 10  Achievement Director  

 Miss Froning Year 10 Deputy Achievement Director  

Year 11 Positive Feedback 

It’s always lovely to hear positive feedback from staff about our Year 11s so when we received this email from Mr Vickers, we felt nothing less than proud. It is certainly worth celebrating and represents our Year 11 student’s determination to succeed. 

“Just wanted to pass on a positive message regarding some of our year 11 students: Reece Carter, Kye Duffy, Olivia Barnard, Zoe Biles, Deanne Cox, Glen Doolin, Callum Law, Bonnie Gathercole, Tara Goode, Danielle Marsh, Chloe Furness all attended catch-up tonight to finish their dishes and to a very high standard. All were great but I would like to mention one student in particular - Callum Law, Callum produced a chocolate tart that was of a restaurant quality; not bad for a self-confessed non-cook and a young man who hasn’t always found practical tasks easy. 

I am genuinely proud of Callum as he wanted to finish the dish and undertook the task with a sense of pride and determination.” 

All students, named above, have received 40 Achievement Director Vivos. A huge well done and keep up the good work.” 

Mrs Starmer Year 11 Achievement Director    

Mrs Barry  Year 11 Deputy Achievement Director