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posted 13 Dec 2013, 05:32 by H Slim   [ updated 20 Dec 2013, 00:55 ]

Year 7 Children’s University

The Children’s University is a fantastic opportunity for students here at the Academy to get recognition for their attendance at extra-curricular activities. Students log their

hours at the different learning destinations and, when they have collected enough hours in their passport, they attend a graduation ceremony at the University of Essex.

All students in year 7 should now have a passport and should have started to log their hours at the extra-curricular activities. 

Here at the Academy, students can log hours at a variety of PE and Dance clubs, as well in lots of other subjects. We would love to see as many year 7 students as possible 

at the next graduation! See your form tutor or class teachers for more information on the learning destinations CCA has to offer.

Mr Davenport

Year 7 Achievement Director

Year 8 SMSC Christmas Extravarganza

On Wednesday 27th November, Year Eight hosted their EPIC SMSC Christmas Extravaganza. The purpose of the evening was to celebrate Christmas from around the world looking at traditional cuisine to song and dance. Each form group picked a culture and spent time researching and making resources for their stand. It was stunning to see the students working collaboratively to lead the event - Jazmine Metcalfe, Taya Brooks-Smith, Khloe Young and Mimi Lee did a fantastic job commentating for the whole evening.

A highlight of the evening for me was seeing students from all different networks come together to sing and dance – Jade Kennedy and Ruth Sams even did a last minute

 a capella version of Silent Night – which was stunning! Kyle Perkins also took to the stage to sing a duet with Casey Brwon-Cook.

Mr Vickers and his form did an amazing job baking some festive goodies which they sold to raise money for our year charity, Cancer UK raising over £200!

A huge congratulations goes to all involved; staff, the year team and of course, the wonderful 8pic 8ights! DON’T FORGET! Invitations will be going out this week to those 

who have had 100% attendance and no negative entries this half term to join the year team down at the bowling pavilion next Wednesday for some Bowling and Ice skating 


Year 9 Class of Your Own

Clacton Coastal Academy recently had their first “Class of Your Own – Design, Engineer, Construct” experience where 100 year nine students took on roles from the built

environment. This idea was supported by 5 members of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors as well as practicing Architects and Landscape Designers. Students had 

the brief to design an Eco Class room and each took on different roles within the industry. The day incorporated many subject skills including Maths, Literacy, Art, Media, 

Drama and Science.

The students were divided into ten teams; each student took on a different element within the task. Some were land surveyors and were responsible for accurately 

measuring the construction space and working out where North was, as well as measuring a pond and woodland area that needed to be included in the plans. 

Students soon realised that without accurate plans, the other students couldn’t complete their tasks and that this area underpinned every other element of the build.

The architects had the task of developing the design of the Eco class room while working with the Sustainability Officers and had to incorporate their findings within the 

design. The Landscape Designers also needed to work closely with other members of the team to get their ideas off the ground! Whilst this was going on the other students 

took on the roles of Company Director and had to manage the marketing and branding, making sure the mission statement and company profile were in place and that all 

the elements could come together ready for the pitch. During the presentations the Company Directors and the Architects had to present the groups ideas to the judging

panel. They were only allowed 3 sheets to display before the judges; the final architect plan, landscape plan and the company brand. 

They then had 3 minutes to launch their idea as well as explain the company mission statement and the benefits of choosing their design over the other teams.

The calibre of the presentations was very high and the judges had a hard task. The top 3 teams were separated by just 1 point and the top 2 were tied on 95.

In third place was team Eco-experts where Ronnie Dawson and Teegan Deeks did an amazing presentation. 

2nd was team Focus for Future, who scored the highest marks from 1 judge with 28 out of 30. The winners, Eco-Efficiency, will attend a presentation at the Home of the 

Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors next year in London where they will present their ideas to the board of RICS. Principal, Tracey Hemming, who was one of the judges 

on the day said: “The students did an excellent job and their presentations were extremely difficult to judge! The VIPs left at the end of the day extremely impressed by the 

academy and delighted that they had decided to take up with this initiative with us, I look forward to taking part in more projects like this.”

Year 10 Season’s Greetings

We recently said a big ‘Good Luck’ to Mitchell Thorpe who went off to Austria to compete in a Karate competition. We look forward to hearing the results of this. I’ve no doubt that he will have done the year group so very proud with this efforts – photos to follow!

Many year ten students have given up their own time on Tuesdays after school to learn Latin. They have been studying hard and, once again, it has been great to see the enthusiasm they have shown over the last few weeks.

I would like to say that this first term, my first term as Achievement Director for the current Year group of students, has been an absolute pleasure. The students have spent the last twelve weeks making the Year team very proud indeed with their achievements both in the classroom, on the sports field and outside of school. I have received so many emails from members of staff this term, saying how pleased they have been with the effort, commitment, enthusiasm and diligence shown by the students in their first term of GCSE courses. We have been able to celebrate these successes on a weekly basis in our assemblies and through our Year 10 news bulletin.

It has been a struggle for some students to adjust to the extra demands on their time but determination has been the order of the term! I have every faith that this will continue in 2014 and that the students will continue to do themselves, the Year team, Parents and Carers and the Academy proud with their achievement and progress with their learning.

I would like to wish all those connected with Year 10, a very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2014.

Year 10 – Have fun, relax and keep yourselves safe. See you in January!

Miss Wells 

Year 10 Achievement Director   

Miss Fröning

Year 10 Deputy Achievement Director

Year 11 Parents Evening

Year 11 Parents’ Evening even more important as we will be able to inform parents/guardians of the clear targets that their child has been set to enable them to reach their absolute potential in the final end of year examinations. We are also hoping to run two sessions for parents entitled ‘How do I help my child to revise?’ Further details and times will be announced in a letter home to all Year 11 parents in the New Year.

We would like to welcome as many parents as possible on Thursday 16th January 2014 from 4:30pm onwards. We look forward to seeing you there. Should you be unable to make Parents’ Evening due to work commitments, please contact the Year 11 office and a member of the team will be able to get overall feedback from teaching staff.

Year 11s have a really positive attitude to learning….

Our Year 11 students have now finished their mock exams and we would like to congratulate them on their general attitude and behaviour during what was a very difficult time. Mrs Hart, our Exams Officer wrote “I just wanted to report that, for the past two weeks, the Year 11 students have been extremely well behaved.” This was a lovely email to receive at the end of a very stressful time for all of our students taking exams. The grid above also shows just how much of a ‘positive attitude to learning’ some of our Year 11 students have. Just think what those Vivo points can buy you……Perhaps a nice Christmas present for someone?

Mrs Starmer and Mrs Galloway                                          

Achievement Directors,  Year 11