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posted 14 Feb 2014, 03:27 by H Slim   [ updated 14 Feb 2014, 03:34 ]

Year 7 Loserville 

Year 7 have had an incredibly busy half term! Children’s University passports have been submitted ready for the Graduation ceremony after half term. I am very excited about this and am looking forward to seeing our Year 7 students dressed in their gowns and caps! 

Our Student Council and Form Captains have been busy with our fundraising campaign for our year charities - Childline and RNLI – and the money pot is growing! 

I have been very pleased to see several Year 7 students involved with the Academy production of ‘Loserville’, with our very own Robert Parry in a lead role – wow! 

My own Year 7 dance class did an outstanding assessment this week with some fabulous Bollywood pieces that they had choreographed themselves. Well done boys! 

Well done Year 7 on another successful half term, enjoy the rest and come back ready to continue with the hard work! 

Miss Perry 

Year 7 Deputy Achievement Director 

Year 8 8PIC 8IGHT! 

You should expect to receive your child’s Interim Report within the next week or so. We hope you are pleased with your child’s current attainment and progress. The Year Team, myself, Miss McClusky and Mrs Newland will be available on Thursday 27th February between 3pm and 5pm should you want to discuss any area of the report with us. 

I have been thrilled with the positive comments I’ve been receiving from the Year Eight English Intervention groups. Their hunger to improve their skills has been exceptional – Well done! 

It was yet another successful week at Infinity Academy also, with Year Eight attendance continuing to soar. Please be aware these sessions will continue into the new term – keep it up! 

Lots of preparations are underway for our forthcoming ‘8pic 8ight Eggstravaganza’, students have been working with Miss McCluskey to prepare musical items, dances, drama pieces – just to name a few! We are already very excited and looking forward to the event. Not involved yet? There is still plenty of time to get involved! 

I am delighted to announce that Mr Percival’s form group won the ‘busy bee’ attendance cake this half term for having the highest attendance percentage! Congratulations 8LPE – remember to save me some! Remember, we are aiming for 100% attendance to have to chance to ‘be in a onesie!’ 

As we draw to the end of this half term, I would like to wish you all a restful half term. Please remember to keep safe both on-line and out in the wider community. 

Well done on another successful half term! 

Miss Blagrove Year 8 Achievement Director 

Year 9 Futures Festival 

It's been a busy week in the world of year 9! It started off with the options conference this Monday, where myself, Miss Leatherby - AVP (IAG) and Mr Guenault Vice Principal (Curriculum) worked with 260 year 9's over the course of the day. It started off with an inspirational and motivation prep from Mr Hodge. Then leading on to Mr Guenault who outlined some of the changes and how the curriculum has developed. He explained what has become part of the core and that this group of year 9's will have even more opportunities than ever before. More information to follow at Options evening on Thursday 27th February. Miss Leatherby then launched the advice section looking at student data to inform choices as well as thinking about what students enjoy and how that could link to future careers. We then had an interactive texting poll where questions will be fed back during tutorial. 


Pictured above: Year 9 taking on the role of Careers advisors for different Characters from Famous cartoons. Such as Lisa Simpson: Music, History, Law...? 

The options conferences were followed by the futures festival where the whole year group travelled down to the coast site to look at potential careers and possible FE and HE providers for courses in the not to distant future. This is a hot topic at the moment with the Raising participation age where all students have to stay in some kind of education and/or training. I was immensely proud listening to some of the conversations that the students were having with the course providers. These ranged from; “how do I get into Midwifery?”, “I'm good with Maths what could I go into?” 

“How would the Navy support me in becoming an engineer?” These questions show that the year group have real aspirations, drive and determination... (Guess the options conference must have worked!) The students impressed a lot of the professionals with their knowledge of the built environment. 1 hour was just not enough and so many of the student left with bags brimming with prospectus’s. 

More was to come for year 9's on Tuesday as many of the students were involved in Danbury interviews with the judging panel consisting of Miss McClusky, Miss Newland, Mrs Steel and Mr Seagar. They were put though their paces and asked some challenging questions "what's your favourite vegetable?" 

This weeks infinity student of the week was Micha Green for just pure effort throughout and always wanting to do her best. 

Mr Hodge Year 9 Achievement Director 

Year 10 Buzzy Bee Attendance 

This week has all been about Mitchell Thorpe! He did a fantastic job in his Karate Competition and won a Bronze Medal in the European Championships in Portugal. A massive well done to Mitchell for this outstanding achievement. 

It is hard to believe that we are now half way through Year 10 and the students have been working hard since September to prepare for controlled assessments, coursework and even exams which are coming up in the near future. They have all taken such a mature approach to their studies and it is great to be receiving so many emails from members of staff about how pleased they are with the way that Year ten students are working. 

Top of the VIVO leader board last week was Kelly Smith who also has 100% attendance since September – this can’t be coincidence! Well done to Kelly. 

It was great to hand out so many pens as awards to students for their fabulous attendance. The Buzzy Bee Attendance Campaign is one of my highlights of the year as it’s great to see students being rewarded for being in school all the time. I look forward to sharing the news next week of the tutor group who wins the Buzzy Bee cake to share – a real treat for whoever wins! 

Miss Wells Year 10 Achievement Director            Miss Froning  Year 10 Deputy Achievement Director 

Year 11 Leavers Miles 

As Year 11 embark on what will be a very busy time for them, full of enrichment activities and afterschool interventions like revision clubs and Study Centre visits, it is important that we reward them for all of their hard work. So, with this in mind, Year 11 are about to choose the destination of their last ever trip together as a year group. The destination will be based on whichever one gets the most votes from Year 11 students. Once decided, students will be able to earn a FREE place on this trip in July. All they have to do is earn ‘miles.’ Miles are awarded to them in the following way: 

  • 3 miles for an after-school catch up session 
  • 3 miles for an after-school Study Centre visit 
  • 3 miles for a morning revision session in the holidays 
  • 3 miles for an afternoon revision session in the holidays 

Once students have totalled 150 miles, they will have a free place on this end of year trip. Their last one ever….. 

Mrs Starmer Year 11 Achievement Director      Mrs Barry Year 11 Deputy Achievement Director