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posted 30 Jan 2014, 06:52 by H Slim   [ updated 30 Jan 2014, 06:53 ]

Year 7 Working hard! 

It was said by someone more important than me that one of the secrets to success is recognising that motivation follows action. The motivation to succeed is all about achievement. If you achieve more your motivation increases. 

Year 7 are following those sentiments. I have to say I was greatly impressed with the classes I visited in the maths block on Monday. The stand out class were 7C3, who were working at level 7 which is a level of study which they all should all be pleased with so well done to you all. 

Yet again I'm going to go on about attendance, 98% is now the target if you want to see me in a onesie on the last day of term. Yes, you read it correctly, Mr Davenport will wear a onesie in school all day if year 7 hit 98% attendance by the Easter holiday. The things I do for CCA! 

Last week was a secret attendance challenge. 7MLA were winners with 97.96% attendance. Breakfast and hot drinks to 7MLA during tutor time on it's way. 

Don't forget, attendance + achievement = progress. Have a good week. 

Mr Davenport 

Year 7 Achievement Director 

Year 8 8PIC 8IGHT! 

It’s been yet another busy week for year 8 as the term gets into full swing. I have been impressed with the high level of engagement in lesson and the student’s mature conduct in and around the Academy. 

The interim reports are due very shortly, and I will be arranging an opportunity for you to meet with the Year Team only, to discuss any questions you may have upon receiving the report – more details will follow shortly. 

We are continuously striving for 100% however our attendance has taken a bit of a knock over the last two weeks. Could I please take this opportunity to remind you that if your child is off sick, to phone and leave a message on the Year Eight absence line. Remember, 100% attendance will give you the chance to come into school in a ONESIE! 

8CCR – Tutor Update - Badge Achievements: 

Jade Chisnall – Yellow and Red for Geography (also a proud owner of 12 BADGES!) 

Jack Hake – Red for History and Luke Davis – Red History 

Extra-Curricular Activities: 

Jordan Alderman attended football club this week and would like to encourage more year 8 players to join. 

Mia Fowler, Chloe O’Reilly and Paris Parker-North attended Cricket Club and they were pleasantly surprised when three year 7s joined the club as well as Tia Floyd in year 8. This will definitely blend the teams to make more CCA talent. The tournament is in March because the team made it to the semi-finals so make sure you’re cheering them on! 

Finally a message from Miss Croucher: 

I’d like to thank year 8 for a wonderful year so far, especially my lovely tutor group who have been my first tutor group since starting my career in teaching. It’s an absolute pleasure to teach the 8pic 8ights! 

Keep up the 8PIC work! 

Miss Blagrove 

Year 8 Achievement Director 

Year 9 Oscars Week 

Year 9 have once again been working hard and this has really paid off in History and Geography especially. Students have just completed their most recent assessment and made significant progress and improved upon their current level and many students are closer than ever towards their milestones. You can really feel the ethos of year 9 as you walk into classes, you get a sense of wanting more. All aiming to make their best better! I have been really impressed with some of the work I have seen around Shakespeare this week as well as the work being completed in ICT/Technology lessons on the Class of your Own project. Linked to this the 10 winners from the Class of your Own workshop have started to get their plans together to present to the Royal institute of Chartered Surveyors. The event takes place on the 20th March at the London base. 

We had our Oscars this week as well as our creativity, production and design badges. The Oscars followed the same format with students being nominated by their peers. Here are some of the nominations; Male sports personality: Jason O'Neill, Jack Wyatt, Billy Fermor and the winner Connor Needs. Female Sports personality: Shannon Boyce, Sky Mayer, Ella Hawkes and the winner Charlotte Douglas-Grey. Achievement in Behaviour: Sherrie Oliver, Lois Godfrey, Wiktoria Mickiewicz and the winner Rebecca Clements. Courage to Care award: Sophie Louise Bowles, Bradley Begamen, Amber Smith and the Winners Wiktoria Mickiewicz and Dominika Walaszewska. The learning award: Chloe Moore, Jasmine Lawrenson, Lawrence Olermmo and the winner Thomas Elliott. The Year Award: Reece Watkins, Bradley Bishop, Annie-May Kitchener and the Winner Thomas Lawrence. 

On the theme of success year 9's are really clocking up the commendations this term already. In 3rd we have Charlie Vickers on 29, 2nd Ebony Sleight on 30 and racing ahead at this stage Annie May Kitchener on 37 in 18 days. Keep up the good work. 

Mr Hodge Year 9 Achievement Director 

Year 10 Another successful week 

Last Week, a group of Year 10 students were given the opportunity to visit Cambridge University. The students learned a little about life at university and were able to speak to staff at the university. Dominic Mace also won a competition during the day, beating other students from many other schools to the top spot in a quiz – well done, Dominic! 

Last week saw the students in 10ADU being awarded the tutor attendance league prize and the Buzzy Bee cookies for their fantastic attendance. This is a great achievement and is, once again, testament to the dedication being shown by Year 10 students. Kieran Southern also won extra Vivo points for having 100% attendance since September. Well done to him for being such a fantastic role model for students at Clacton Coastal Academy. 

A number of our Year 10 students had interviews at the end of last week to become prefects. These students prepared a letter of application themselves and were subjected to a rigorous interview process. I look forward to sharing the names of these new prefects with you all in due course. Whoever is elected, I have no doubt that they will do a fantastic job. 

Miss Wells Year 10  Achievement Director   Miss Froning Year 10 Deputy Achievement Director 

Year 11 Mock Results